Monday, November 29th, 2021

Fishing Paradise attempts to seduce switch players in early 2022

Switch isn’t lacking in a fascinating pixel-based game, but it’s still Fishing paradise Appearing in early 2022, it can be an interesting arrival. Previously released on mobile, it boasts over 1 million downloads, but user reviews are also quite strong. This is a “fishing RPG” with nice visuals and pretty quirky settings.

The setting is heaven and you’ll soon find all sorts of great places and scenarios. Besides fishing and building an ideal home, there are plans and side stories. Below are some of the official instructions along with some screens.

With the help of a mysterious gadget known as the “skyPhone”, the afterlife was no more convenient. At the push of a button, heroes can teleport between different fishing spots in the game, upgrade rods, check out fish collections, and stay in touch with the many inhabitants of the afterlife you’ve met on your adventure. I can. This is a really good life!

By building relationships with these characters, players can unlock their respective small scenes and side stories in addition to the main plot. From anthropomorphic cats to frivolous lumberjacks, reformed gangsters, and even mythical kappa, there are over 20 different characters, and it’s certainly an eclectic group!

The Switch and Steam versions also seem to have “all-new” features, but the bullying doesn’t provide any details.

Either way, it may be noteworthy-please let us know your thoughts in the comments.