Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

First details of the hazard zone, Battlefield 2042’s new squad-based game mode


  • Join a squad of four members in the Hazard Zone to find and capture data drives scattered throughout the battlefield.
  • Fight enemy player squads and AI-controlled occupation forces.
  • Collect drives and choose when to extract before the storm destroys the area.

The release date of November 19 is approaching, Battlefield 2042 We have just begun a new hazard zone game mode that co-exists with the previously announced game features All-Out Warfare and Battlefield Portal.

It’s important to dive into the lore to help set the stage for this mode Battlefield 2042 For a short time. Most of the world’s satellites have been destroyed in the wake of a major power outage, affected by countries such as the United States and Russia collecting aerial surveillance of each other. The solution is to create a temporary low earth orbit satellite that can quickly collect data and return to the surface. This is your turn.

In the Hazard Zone, you’ll be part of a small team of four who are tasked with finding and retrieving these data drives (a seven-piece map available in the All Out War) scattered throughout the battlefield. .. You will do this while fighting an enemy squad for the same purpose. And it’s not just trying to be the first team to get a data drive. It also means that you can reach the extraction point in your collection and wipe out everyone before the storm enters the area.

Battlefield 2042-Hazard Zone

During the match, there are two time-limited extraction opportunities that take place at different locations and at intervals. There are also AI-controlled occupying forces trying to protect the data drive from all teams. The point here is that the goal is not to eliminate other teams, but to collect the data drive first and get out of it.

Battlefield 2042-Hazard Zone

As you may know, success is the survival of the team and the successful extraction of the data drive. Rewards are determined by a hazard zone metagame that assigns a value to the number of data drives acquired and are converted into a special hazard zone currency called dark market credits.

Battlefield 2042-Hazard Zone

These darknet credits can be used to purchase and equip weapons, gadgets, and tactical upgrades specific to hazard zone mode. The better your equipment, the more likely you are to survive in the next round. Currently, at launch, there are 15 tactical upgrades available for purchase with darknet credits, including faster recovery, increased ammo, and data drive capacity.

Battlefield 2042-Hazard Zone Hero Image

Another factor in success is the composition of a team that can consist of any of the available specialists, but cannot include more than one of the same specialist. As two common examples, it’s important to find four balanced groups that complement each other’s abilities, such as the Irish fortress system and Boris Sentry Gun, or the combination of Casper’s reconnaissance drone and Falk’s medical skills. is. At the time of launch, 10 specialists participated and 5 have already been released (You can learn more about them here). Therefore, make sure you and your team are in sync about the best way to apply these abilities together on the battlefield for the greatest chance of success.

Battlefield 2042-Hazard Zone

With tactical teamwork, quick thinking, and a little luck, the hazard zone can be a great competitive game mode for players who prefer the rush of tactical team-based combat to explosive turmoil. It has all the elements. Other modes of the game, All Out Warfare and Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield 2042 Will be available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on November 19th, allowing early access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members using EA Play. Pay attention to the Xbox Wire. We will share details for the launch of the most anticipated shooter of the year.