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Find Liara T’Soni-Mass Effect Wiki Guide

Before we start

Before entering the level, we need to take some notes. First of all, Ashley, Kaidan and Tali all have unique conversations at this level. You also need to make sure that your squad can easily decrypt to get all the loot, so Kaidan and/or Tali are good choices.

Second, if you delay processing the task, you can get an alternative version of the task. If you have completed Feros and Noveria before solving this problem, then when you meet Liara, Liara will have a lot of conversations. If you also save this task until after Virmire, she will also have an alternative dialogue on Normandy.

If you plan to leave no one romantic in Mass Effect 1 and choose someone in 2 or 3, it is also very convenient to save the task to the absolute countdown. This is because Liara is eager to have a romance with Shepard; saving her until the end means that she simply does not have enough time to establish a romance, which is simply a matter in the next two games.

Finally, it is strange that no moral points are awarded during the entire mission period, so feel free to choose any option you like!

It’s time for us Find Liara T’Soni. Whether in the game or on the galaxy map, her location is well documented, but if you get a little lost, this is what you have to do. On the Milky Way map, go to Artemis Tau and then to the system Knossos in the upper right corner.

From there, you are looking for a planet near a star called Therum; it is the second planet orbiting the star, passing the star from the northwest of the star, and has just passed the inner asteroid belt. Its description says that it has the Prothean ruins, which is the ideal place to find our scientists!


Truth journey

Your journey (in Mako) will begin without a doubt. If you look at the map above, you will find that the first quarter of the map is just a drive. There is nothing interesting and no enemies in your way. However, please enjoy this quiet time, as this is the only quiet time you will experience during the rest of your journey through Therum.

When you reach the thicker part of the passage to the northwest, you will see and hear the sound of the Gaith flying overhead. It will store some Gus soldiers that you need to deal with. Don’t worry about them too much-stay in Mako and use missiles with machine gun shooting capabilities to destroy these enemies, lest they become a threat.

If you are using the original version of Mass Effect in 2007, you will be punished by -50% XP due to any killing caused by the devil (-60% Difficulties with intercourse and insanity). If you are brave and skilled enough, you can lower their health, then walk and kill on foot to get more XP!

If you cannot avoid being shaken by enemy projectiles, try to squeeze Mako into a corner of the mountain to eliminate most enemy targets. Remember, if your Mako is damaged, please make sure to use Omni-Gel to repair it before proceeding.

After the enemy’s initial attack was destroyed, he began to drive northwest. Before long, you will encounter a refinery occupied by Geth and guarded by three turrets. If you really take them out, Really You want, but in any case, you should find a detour location on the map in order to enter the refinery. It’s relatively narrow here, and there is only one turret.

Surrounding them during the detour will make your life a lot easier. In the refinery, you will have to deal with various mobile Geth devices and turrets, so it is best to take them all away before heading to the base camp.

Now, there are two buildings that can be destroyed, and both buildings should be destroyed. Everyone has a lone Gus soldier and a door switch. Hit the two switches, kill the two enemies of Guth, and collect all the items in the rooms on either side of the two doors.In the room at the east gate Upgrade kit with one Locker Decrypt easily.Outside the north gate on the right is Lock crate It has a relaxed blasting function and is equipped with a weapon locker in the North Gate’s Switch guarded by Geth.You can also find two Crate Behind the south wall.

In fact, for simple reasons, we recommend opening both doors at the same time. Although only the north gate needs to be opened, the east gate is guarded by a turret. Before moving on, destroying all these parts will give you more experience (always in short supply) and better cover inside the refinery. After destroying these turrets, you can drive out from the north gate, anyway, after a while, everything will become quiet.

Your driving will become smoother, but as the map shows, you will eventually encounter a few bags of Guth enemies on your way to the tunnel on the west side of the map. Enemy encounters in front of the tunnel will appear in three different waves, but as long as you stay in Mako, they are all similar and easy to fight.

We mentioned it before, but we can’t mention it yet. When fighting Mako, if the damage is severe, be sure to use Omni-Gel. If it is destroyed inside, you will be out of luck.

When you hit the tunnel, keep going. Everything in the tunnel will be quiet, but when you reach the end of the tunnel, you will have to face more enemies. Since the tunnel ends at a high place, much higher than the enemies below you, try to kill them from a distance. Like wars, even future wars in video games, this commanding height can give you a unique (intrinsic) advantage.

The remaining drives of the tunnel to the northwest end of the map are almost the same as the remaining drives on this long map. You will encounter more Geth resistance forces, among which the most determined and the most difficult will be to guard the long-distance tunnel. There is a big enemy of Gus, the colossus, which is particularly annoying, but be patient, take cover, and smash him with guns. After that, taking the last tunnel will lead to a brand new part of Therum-the ruins.

Close to the mining camp

You will stand out from the initial map and enter the ruins of Therum. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, go down the slope and fight the frail Geth, waiting for you there. Then, drive Mako until you can’t seem to drive it anymore. The rock blocks your path, so Mako is no longer needed, but conveniently, there is a large hole for you and your team to pass through. Go on through the hole.

At this moment, when you walk, things start to get a little crazy. When you start to follow a linear path to the next part of the ruins, you will be beaten by waves of enemies. Ghaith may not be defeated here, just lack of cover, and because they initially controlled the commanding heights, they have the above-mentioned height advantage. However, this deadly attack was nothing compared to everything that happened after it subsided.

When you reach the northernmost end of the path, a cutscene will occur. You will see many Ghaiths with different strengths and styles (including the new Ghaith like a frog), standing firm and attacking everyone at once. No matter in terms of quantity or firepower, you are undoubtedly at a disadvantage. However, with continuous, wise combat, defensive mobility and clever use of skills, this will be a battle you will survive. Make absolutely sure that you do not have any enemy flanks (the best way to do this is to simply stare at your radar), and be especially alert for missiles that will destroy you in one hit. The damage suffered without Mako is beyond your imagination.

Explore the mine

As shown above, the ruins began to become smaller and smaller, with four maps covering one of them. We will not bring you the trivial details of most of the tedious work through these tunnels; for example, the first tunnel is relatively free of enemies, except for a few Guss that can be killed from above (you will understand what we mean) Outside. In the second tunnel (accessible from the elevator), you will encounter more enemies, and there is another elevator.Now, it’s easy, but there is a Pill box If necessary, you can place it at the corner of the first elevator at the bottom.

Eventually, you will reach the bottom of this tunnel area. The matter was destroyed, and the situation seemed serious. The Liara you want to rescue here will appear in a short live animation. Then you will stay on your device. You will have to release her, but you will undoubtedly notice that, just like on the other floors of the ruins, there is a blue barrier preventing you from entering half of the ruins. This is the place to keep Liara, your job is to transcend obstacles. However, please make sure to save the game before proceeding. The battle is getting harder and harder.

If you are playing the 2007 version of Mass Effect, you can take advantage of XP failures by saving and reloading here. This way you can talk to Liara again and get XP again. Save and reload again, and repeat this technique as many times as necessary!

On the ground, you will be ambushed by Geth, and there is almost no cover available, so being aggressive is your best choice for survival here.When you get rid of Guth’s threat, look for Locker with Weapon cabinet In the two tents on the left, both have the “easy decryption” function.

Next, you need to use Mining Laser Controls to make a hole in the ground so you can reach Liara. To activate it, you need to enter four button codes, depending on your platform, the codes will be different:

  • personal computer: The code is randomly generated.
  • Xbox: A, X, B, Y
  • PlayStation: X, square, O, triangle

After completing this operation, the “Mining Laser” will make a hole in the ground below, enabling you to effectively avoid blue obstacles and earn XP and Omni-Gel rewards. Liara can be saved very quickly.

Go down into the hole created by the laser and lift up using the control panel in the lower room. Turn around and talk to Liara, you can rescue her from Prothean’s restricted area. But you will not be able to leave. of course not. The boss is waiting for a fight.

Krogan, accompanied by some of his Geth friends, wanted to eliminate the party. In fact, although they want Liara to be alive, it is better to be so rigid in the sequelae of ending this mission that it is acceptable to kill her at this time. So far, the Crogans are the most powerful enemy in the entire enemy, and they should concentrate their efforts.

Apart from the obvious things (such as using skills and healing when needed), the main thing to remember here is to escape and find cover immediately when the battle begins. Since you fought so close to Krogan and his Geth friends, if you don’t escape and shoot from a distance, you will be in trouble. In any case, when they are all knocked down, you will soon find yourself back in Normandy, safe and sound, and with a new role in your party.

Back to Normandy

You don’t have to worry too much about the dialogue of choice, because any choice you make will not earn moral points. The mission report you submitted to the Security Council is an exception: frequent disconnections will frustrate them in future calls.

Now that you have completed another mission world, you will have more things to do, including code entries about Normandy, new discussions with Kaidan, Ashley, and Liara himself to learn more about them, and about Normandy New Side Quest (if available) your first mission world.

When talking to Liara, you should make sure to ask yourself before using any “survey” options. If you select something in the survey, it will disappear as an option.

If this is your first “Mission World”, this will be the first opportunity for you to have a sex with Shedand to inspire a love affair with Kaidan or Ashley. When talking to Ashley, please avoid choosing “You are too much!” If it is your Paragon, it will scare her and end the conversation.