Monday, May 23rd, 2022

FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake PlayStation Plus version finally gets a free PS5 upgrade this week

Those who used FINAL FANTASY VII Remake on PlayStation Plus in March 2021 will finally be able to upgrade to the PS5 version of the game on Wednesday, December 22nd at no additional charge.

Square Enix publishes news twitter Also, the episode break of FINAL FANTASY VII remake starring Yuffie Kisaragi will be 25% off for a limited time on the same day.

When FINAL FANTASY VII Remake was announced to join PlayStation Plus in March 2021, many were surprised and upset to discover that it was the only PS4 version. In addition, those who download it will not be able to upgrade to the PS5 version with improved textures, fog effects, better lighting, faster load times, new photo modes, DualSense support and more.

This also meant that players couldn’t buy episode intermissions to play Yuffie’s new story, as it’s also not available to PS4 owners.

In a review of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade-Episode Intermission, “It’s a fascinating teasing of Yuffie’s inevitable encounter with the core cast of Final Fantasy 7, and a great way to return to Midgar to experience her new exhilarating style. That’s why. Combat and interesting side activities. “

This news arrives shortly after FINAL FANTASY VII Remake is released on PC. Unfortunately, the port seems to have some major issues, such as limited graphics options, stutter and frame rate issues.

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