Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

FINAL FANTASY 14 will be the most profitable FINAL FANTASY game in the series with over 24 million players

At the upcoming FINAL FANTASY 14: Endwalker expanded version of the recent hands-on preview event, director Naoki Yoshida revealed that Square Enix’s popular MMORPG has recently surpassed 24 million. In addition, it is the most profitable FINAL FANTASY game in the series.

Yoshida told the media at a digital preview event that he had reached 24 million players 11 years after FINAL FANTASY 14 was first released. According to the chart shared by Yoshida with the media, the number of players in FINAL FANTASY 14 in 2015 was 4 million registered players. That number reached 10 million by the time the third expansion pack, Storm Blood, was released in 2017, and doubled over the next four years.

“Everyone knows how hard it was for us in the original FINAL FANTASY 14,” Yoshida mentions the infamous launch of the MMORPG. “Since then, we have been able to change to a title that contributes significantly to our profits.”

Indeed, Yoshida says FINAL FANTASY 14 is the most profitable title in the FINAL FANTASY series. “It may not be possible to say, but in terms of our business, we have had great success. We will invest to ensure that this game will continue to be our game in the future. I will spare no expense. Players can enjoy it. “

The continued success of FINAL FANTASY 14 is one of the highlights of the MMORPG space and a true comeback story. Especially after the version of the game released in 2010 was critically panned. However, this year alone, FINAL FANTASY 14 reviews seem to be the mainstream of the game.

And just because the next expansion is set to conclude the main storyline doesn’t mean that FINAL FANTASY 14 is over. In the presentation, Yoshida talked about the next 10 years and thanked the player base for continuing the game.

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