Although not included in future expansions, FINAL FANTASY 14: Endwalker will receive a post-release patch for a new mode called Island Sanctuary that sounds vague like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing. In an interview with IGN, FINAL FANTASY 14 director Naoki Yoshida explained in detail what the next mode is and what it can and cannot do.

The details of Island Sanctuary mode remain sparse, especially as it will not be released until the Endwalker expansion is released in November. But we knew that we could take care of animals and crops just like farming sims.

Mr. Yoshida spoke with IGN and explained in Japanese that he was vaguely called a “pioneer of uninhabited islands” and that the team translated it into an island sanctuary. “There are elements to the development and construction of things,” Yoshida revealed. “So you either have a facility you build or a farm you can cultivate, or you can keep animals there.” However, when it comes to relationships with the main game, it’s completely optional. is.

“If you want to keep the weeds out of control, you can leave them alone. That’s perfectly fine, or if you want to go there and make your own, that’s fine too.” Island Sanctuary It also has a social element that allows you to invite friends and “chat vaguely” when needed.

Yoshida joked that hardcore content players might think the mode was “meaningless” because it had no purpose, but this meant a kind of amnesty. Players already have customizable home estates, but Yoshida added, “At Island Sanctuary, we’re trying to achieve things we can’t do with regular estates.”

It will take some time before you can finally see the island’s sanctuary in action, but the society-focused mode, separated from the MMORPG grind, sounds pretty attractive.

FINAL FANTASY 14 is moving fast, celebrating 24 million registered players in 2021. For more information, see FINAL FANTASY 14: Endwalker’s full hands-on preview of IGN.

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