Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Fighting game vocabulary is an incredible resource for new players

Members of the fighting game community revealed Fighting game vocabulary, This is a new website for new and old players to explore, define and break down fighting game terms. FGC veteran Ricky (Ricky) with his touch Infil (@wire On Twitter) led the project and passed yesterday tweet. Per Infil’s glossary includes: “More than 650 terms are carefully explained, and more than 200 video examples and Japanese translations are provided. Easily search by term or game, share term links with friends, and explore related concepts without losing yourself s position.”

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According to a Tweets from AprilSo far, Infil has been working on the guide for 9 months, and it seems that the time spent developing the guide is worthwhile. This is an easy-to-browse website and can be searched by term or game name, so users can find the information, guides or suggestions they need quickly and easily. If you are just looking for a quick fix for a new fighting game, there is even a day left on the homepage. Other important figures in FGC, such as Maximilian Dood, Has expressed support for the guide.Infil is known for his outstanding work in the fighting game community Killer Instinct Guide. Infil has been working to remove the barriers for new players interested in fighting games, because the terminology associated with this genre often confuses and disgusts new players. The fighting game glossary absolutely meets this requirement.

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If you have ever tried to enter the fighting game scene, then this may be the guide for you. With Sony’s recent purchase of Evo, fighting games are likely to continue to be popular, so it would be beneficial for novices and veterans to have such a guide. The next major fighting game to be launched will be “Guilty Gear”. Recently, it was reported that the network code of the game has left a deep impression on the members of FGC. Fortunately, the “Fighting Games” vocabulary already contains a lot of “Guilty Gear” content for those who want to join.

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