Monday, May 23rd, 2022

FIFA 22 drops to $ 26 on Black Friday PS5 ($ 44 savings)

Congratulations if you’ve been waiting for FIFA 22 until Black Friday. You can get FIFA 22 on Black Friday PS5 for only $ 26 (See here), Mark it as one of the absolute best deals on shopping events.

That’s $ 44 off the list price, and the game was launched a few months ago. If you were waiting to get the game, this is definitely your sign to get it now, considering that this is also a limited time deal. We love this FIFA 22 Black Friday trading. Available now. Do not miss it.

Best FIFA 22 Black Friday Deal on PS5

FIFA 22 $ 26 for PS5.. Xbox fans, your deal isn’t that good, $ 35 gameBut when the PS5 copy was $ 35, I must say I listed this as a top deal. Still, it’s 50% off the list price, so I included the transaction here as well.

If I were you, I would like to get this as soon as possible. This is a great deal and you can actually see it sold out before the end of Black Friday.

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