Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Faster! High-octane stunts are now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S


  • Fasten your seat belt and dive in Faster!High octane stunt, Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.
  • The chain drifts, flips, polishes and shoots in the air, and dominates the leaderboard with the highest combined force.
  • Get ready to fight your friends in a 4-player local multiplayer game.

Welcome to the world of high-speed, colorful tracks and evil stunts. Finally won the stunt driving game loved by thousands of players around the world on Xbox One and Xbox Serires X|S-Faster!High octane stunt here!

When I was a kid, I used to like to play games, but you could only grit your teeth. I can play a few hours of games, just want to surpass the level that I can’t reach, complete a challenge, and beat the high score that a friend can’t get.Someone must have listened to my prayer because I am proud to publish it now Faster!, This is exactly the type of game!Inspired by timeless classics, such as hurry with Tony Hawk’s professional skater, Faster! Bring unlimited happy hours.

Faster!High octane stunt

A few weeks after get off work, I will load the game at home, and you can perform skills with smooth movements, which prevents me from putting down the controller. This is the truth: although I try to complete the challenge on each map is my main goal, it is really fun to walk around and experience the process of putting these skills together.

Faster!High octane stunt

And connect my skills! The competition on the rankings has scratched the desire to compete that many of us have. But obviously, this is not all. In addition to the challenges you can complete at each level, Faster! It also comes with a 4-player local multiplayer game mode that allows you to make friends with stunts.

Faster!High octane stunt

You can compete in 4 different game modes, one of which is just trying to style and design on it and get the highest score, a racing mode called Checkpoint, a classic “winning” mode, and finally “Virus”, which It’s basically the zombie mode of the car. . But remember, if you are at a loss, you can always return to practice mode and train to tell them the next boss.get Faster!High octane stunt Today on the Xbox Store on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Faster!High octane stunt

No gravity game




Faster! It is a stunt racing game inspired by timeless classics such as Rush and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. During the fast gameplay, you will complete various challenges to unlock cars, arenas and custom settings. Use outstanding skills and stunts to get the highest score and face-to-face with other players-dominate the leaderboards! The physical model in REKT makes performing skills extremely smooth and easy, but not too comfortable-easy to learn but difficult to master. Over 170 000 active players and still growing. Master all the skills! Accept the challenge and master the best stunts: air flips, barrel rolls, laps, sanding, drifting, etc.-combine all of these to break the highest score! ! challenge! Every time you enter the arena, you will encounter a series of challenges. Many variables can increase or decrease the difficulty of creating an unlimited number of goals, and can even attract the most experienced players. Endless tasks include checkpoint competitions specifically designed for different fields. solo! Practice stunts, unlock various cars and explore the arena in 2 single player modes: Highly rated: The main game mode is inspired by the old arcade, allowing you to tackle the challenge of the global leaderboard-remember that time is passing, despite the fact that Ways to extend it. Practice: Practice is perfect. In this game mode, time doesn’t matter, you can train as much as you want – prepare to participate in #GETREKT MULTI RIDE! Face your opponents (up to 4 players) in a local competition mode and fight them on the way to victory. Score-Challenge your competitors and get the highest score. Viruses-spread infection by crashing into other players or avoiding being infected-the ultimate car standing victory! CHECKPOINT-first hit the checkpoint to get points-collect 5 points to win the game. Capture the crown-you have 90 seconds to defend the crown-don’t let others take over the crown-otherwise you will not dominate the arena.