Far Cry 6The first DLC episode of is released, allowing you to dig deep into the twisted minds of one of Far Cry’s most notorious and mysterious villains. Far Cry 3Vers Montenegro.of Vaas: MadnessNow available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Play as an unstable pirate (former Vaas actor Michael Mando voiced) as he fights to escape the deadly and dreamy limits of his mind. Far Cry 6 The owner can grab it as part of Season pass, Or as an individual purchase.

Inspired by roguelikes, all deaths Vaas: Madness Leaves the verse weakened without his weapons and cash. However, as players dive deeper into the twisted spirit of Vaas, they will be able to unlock permanent traits that will help them master the deadly environment. Confronting the dangers hidden in the verse reveals details about his past and personal demons, allowing players to witness what highlights the ruthless villain.And like the rest Far Cry 6, Vaas: Madness You can play completely with your friends in co-op play.In fact, the player you own Vaas: Madness You can invite another person Far Cry 6 Players on the Xbox will participate regardless of whether the player also owns the DLC.

Vaas: Madness The first of three DLC episodes starring the legend far cry villain. Two more– Pagan: Control When Joseph: Collapse, Set in each heart Far Cry 4 With the pagan Min Far Cry 5 Joseph’s “Father” Seed-coming soon. All three are included as part Far Cry 6 Season pass, stand-alone neon pouring Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Far Cry 6 Owners can start diving into Vaas: Madness today. If you’ve ever wondered what’s happening beneath that Mohawk, now’s your chance to get to the front row seats.