Since its debut in 1994, the King of Fighters fighting game series has excited the world with its charming characters and unique game system. Six years have passed since the last title in the series, and it is now the latest title in the series. King of Fighters XVIt outperforms all predecessors in terms of graphics, systems, and online experience.

KOF XV It has a whopping 39 fighters, including classic popular characters, revived fan favorites, and essentials for the event to unfold. The KOF series is known for its intense storyline, so you won’t want to miss out on what happens between characters.

King of Fighters XV

This latest chapter KOF XIV, Shun’ei, Kyo Kusanagi of Orochi Saga, K’of Nests Saga, Ash Crimson of Ash Saga. This is the first time that each Saga hero fights in a tournament.

King of Fighters XV

Nests Saga is the 6th mainline KOF game (KOF ’99) And ended with KOF 2001..K’, a big fan and hero from Saga, participates KOF XV.. In this article, I’ve kept his core image intact, while significantly enhancing his graphics and effects. We are confident that not only fans but also beginners in the series love his way of playing.

King of Fighters XV

just now, KOF XV Pre-order at the Xbox Store for Xbox Series X | S.. In addition, a pre-order bonus DLC costume is included. Fatal Fury: MotW Terry. There is also an exclusive digital-only bonus DLC costume Classic Leona for those who purchased the digital version. Finally, Deluxe Edition2 sets of 3 future DLC characters are included, and 3 days early access is also included as a pre-order bonus!Have more to share King of Fighters XV As it approaches its launch on February 17, 2022, it will be listed here on Xbox Wire.

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The King of Fighters XV Standard Edition – Pre-order

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* Deluxe editions including full game and Team Pass 1 are also available. Please be careful not to make duplicate purchases.
[Product Contents]– “The King of Fighters XV” base game
[Special Bonus]– Early Purchase Bonus KOF XV DLC Costume “GAROU: MotW TERRY” – Digital Limited Bonus KOF XV DLC Costume “CLASSIC LEONA” * Early Purchase Bonus is available until March 9, 2022. * Contents and specifications are subject to change. News. * The benefits may be available as paid products at a later date.
[Game Content]A new “XV” that transcends everything that breaks all expectations! Since its debut in 1994, the KOF fighting game series has excited the world with its charming characters and unique gaming system. Six years after the last title in the series, KOF XV now outperforms all of its predecessors in terms of graphics, systems and online experience. – A total of 39 characters are participating! Classic popular characters, resurrected characters, new characters and more! The most spectacular dream match in KOF history is about to begin! – The KOF story has culminated! The latest KOF Saga continues from the previous title in Story Mode. This time, the story is approaching an explosive climax! – The culmination of the series’ battle system Inheriting the traditional 3v3 team battles of the series, KOF XV also features a new system. Enjoy a sense of speed and freshness like never before! – Easy and versatile online play rollback net code has been adopted to reduce the lag of online matches. There are also various battle options that allow you to choose how to play! – KOF is packed with content such as a gallery of movies and voices, and a new DJ STATION with over 300 popular songs from the KOF series.