One of Appalachia’s most notorious and elusive inhabitants is now in the spotlight on moth nights. Fallout 76Latest update! Grab your team, stop dangerous cult followers, and perhaps perform your own special ritual during the night moth in-game event: Mosman equinox.

Please enter the Mosman equinox

During this event, enthusiastic players will find something different about Point Pleasant. At the top of the Mosman Museum, you and your team are tasked with clearing cult bonfires, destroying ward totems, and collecting albino rug stag blood to prevent evil rituals from taking place. Can be undertaken.

You and your teammates can counter your own rituals if you successfully thwart the enemy’s plans to bring in a malicious form of Mosman. This may reward you with a visit from Wise Mossman and will give XP boosts to those who communicate with it.

Zorbo’s revenge and improved quality of life

That’s not all!Moth Night also introduces a brand new season Fallout 76.. Collect and rank up SCOREs to get gear, cosmetics, consumables and more. Season 7: Zorbo’s Revenge!!

This update also includes some tweaks to make your stay in Appalachia more enjoyable. When Your teammate. In addition to some other enhancements and bug fixes, there are some things you can look forward to on your next visit to Appalachia.

  • Custom pip boy color: Fans want this feature and we are excited to offer it. Change the colors of the Pip-Boy lights and HUD to add a little personalization to your character.
  • Key ring: A key ring has been added to the player’s item menu. The key ring is a submenu that holds all the keys you have collected so that the rest of your inventory is not cluttered.
  • Team XP sharing: Players on the same team will now share the XP of kills made in sight. You no longer need to tag the enemies your friends are fighting to gain XP share.
  • Legendary loot sharing: This allows players who are close enough to the legendary enemy’s corpse to look for the legendary loot as long as the enemy’s corpse is in sight.
  • Workshop menu “New” tab: Can’t you remember where you put the new unlocked blueprints?Of the workshop[新規]This extension of tabs now keeps track of what was recently unlocked for construction.

Don’t miss this update!Grab your friends and set up an appalachia course Fallout 76Moth night, get out now!For more information Fallout 76, Please access the official website Or check out Official Twitter account..


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