Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

F1 2021: Daniel Ricciardo’s design items are now available in Podium Pass Series 3


  • Daniel Ricciardo has designed a set of free assets for the Podium Pass Series 3.
  • Podium Pass Series 3 has been released.
  • F1 2021 Now available on the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

It was a very exciting week F1 2021.. Earlier this week, Jeddah, the last circuit after launch, raced in-game. We are following it up with something exciting as well. Podium Pass Series 3 – 30 free tiers packed with cool customizations – will be live and feature designs created by two of your favorite F1 drivers.

Creative expression

If you’re intrigued, take a look at Part 3 of the “After The Apex” series. Combining live footage with in-game animation, McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo acts as creative director and explains how he designed the exclusive items currently available on the Podium Pass.

Daniel Ricciardo isn’t the only driver to design items specifically for the Podium Pass Series 3. George Russell of Williams created coloring, suits, gloves and helmets to take back to the truck.

Podium pass

F1 2021The Podium Pass is a way to show the best lookout on the course. Earn XP by playing and progressing through 30 layers of cool customization items such as Livery, Helmets, Suits and Victory Radio Calls. If you want to improve your look, you can buy VIP. F1 2021You can use PitCoin, the in-game currency of the game, to access some amazing additional items.

Earn XP

How do you earn XP and pass the 30th tier of Podium Pass? All you need to do is play! Breaking points, my team, grand prix, time trials, or multiplayer? Increase XP and run through the tier immediately. By completing the Podium Pass Challenge, you can further increase your XP throughout the 8-week series. Each Podium Pass series is 8 weeks long, so you have plenty of time.

F1 2021

Free trial is now available

You can give F1 2021 Try a free trial available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.Play the prologue and the first chapter F1 2021A thrilling story, Braking Point takes on the role of driver owner and creates an F1 team to get the team on track for the first race weekend of the season or race at the Temple of Speed ​​— Monza. Get ready. At the Grand Prix. If you enjoy a free trial and buy the entire game, your progress will be carried over so you can continue to compete for the top.