Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Extend products designed for Xbox mobile accessories to iOS devices

In Xbox, we provide our fans with options so that they can play the games they want, with the people they want, wherever they want, this is our purpose. Last September, with the launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) on Android with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, we extended the Design for Xbox licensed accessories to mobile games. This is an epic achievement for many teams, and we are incredibly proud to see our community use their favorite mobile accessories to play their favorite games anytime, anywhere.

Today, we announced the expansion of Designed for Xbox mobile gaming accessories to iOS devices. With Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) available today for Windows 10 PCs and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members on Apple phones and tablets via a web browser, we make it easier for you to play the deepest and most immersive anytime, anywhere Game.

As leading mobile accessory partners launch products and more, we can’t wait to see where fans will take their games next.

Designed exclusively for Xbox Backbone One

Fans’ favorite Backbone mobile controller and Backbone One for Xbox have joined the family designed for Xbox, compatible with all iPhone models running iOS 13 or later. Backbone One can transform your iPhone to make the game more interesting and relaxing.

Just connect the controller to your iPhone, press the Backbone button to open the application, and you can start playing your favorite Xbox games anytime, anywhere. The internal structure of Backbone One reflects breakthroughs in connectivity and performance, aiming to extend battery life and reduce input delay by using iPhone unique technology, without charging, while supporting extremely sensitive games.

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Like the new Xbox wireless controller, Backbone One allows players to capture the gameplay by simply pressing the capture button. The Backbone app now supports tagging gameplay from Xbox Cloud Gaming and sharing your favorite game moments with friends via links. In addition to several new Xbox integrations, the app also provides a dynamic Xbox Game Pass feed in its redesigned user interface, as well as switching between your favorite iOS games and services (from Minecraft to Xbox remote gaming) Easier way-all of this is possible with Backbone’s biggest update to date.

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Gamers who purchase Backbone One for Xbox will receive 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (for new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, please visit with Razer Only applicable), it is now available in selected Microsoft Store markets for $99.

Razer Kishi Universal Game Controller for iOS

Razer Bank

You know, you like it. Razer is releasing a new Razer Kishi universal game controller for iOS, allowing you to bring your A-game to Xbox games anytime, anywhere. This controller is suitable for most iPhone devices and is designed to bring console-level control to mobile games. Like general game controllers for Android, Razer Kishi for iOS offers an ergonomic design, a clickable analog thumbstick, ultra-low latency gameplay, and a lightning port that can charge the phone while playing games . With Razer Kishi, wherever you go, the victory of your favorite game will follow. It also offers a 3-month free trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate* for new members, so players who experience Xbox Game Pass for the first time can enjoy it.This Razer Kishi Universal Game Controller for iOS Pre-orders are now available for $99 from Razer and other select retailers around the world.

OtterBox Power Exchange Controller Battery

Otter Box

Use the OtterBox power supply compatible with Xbox game consoles, Android and iPhone devices to swap the controller battery to keep your Xbox wireless controller in the game longer. This battery pack provides an easy-to-use wireless experience and an uninterrupted gaming experience with zero controller downtime. The quick-release battery can be replaced instantly with one hand during the game-no need to pause-the backup battery keeps power while you change. The backlit LED will notify you when the battery is low and it’s time to replace the battery. The included dock charges both batteries at the same time and allows the spare battery to be fully charged until you need it. You can also take it with you to gain lasting mobile gaming capabilities. This replaceable battery pack is compatible with Xbox wireless controllers designed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.This OtterBox Power Exchange Controller Battery It can be purchased at the Microsoft Store in selected markets around the world for $59.95.

Playing games anytime, anywhere with Xbox has never been easier. With many accessory options for Android and iOS, our Xbox partners are leading the challenge of keeping gamers away from home and get a premium gaming experience wherever you want to play! We can’t wait to see you play games with the new Xbox iOS mobile accessory via Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta).