Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Explosive retro survival horror collides with Roguelikes: an endless nightmare


  • Outbreak: endless nightmare It is the world’s first retro survival horror game similar to roguelike.
  • While upgrading survivors, looking for supplies, solving puzzles and fighting undead creatures, try to survive half-process encounters.
  • Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S with Smart Delivery support.

Hey survivor!

The immortal revelation comes back to devour your flesh Outbreak: endless nightmare, The world’s first retro survival horror game similar to roguelike. When you and your survivors are fighting for their lives in a semi-processed nightmare, watch horror movies from the shoulder or first-person perspective through a classic fixed camera. After waking up in an abandoned medical school, the medical school has become a triage center, you need to explore the mysterious environment and find clues to understand the strange abnormalities happening around you. Survivability depends entirely on how you upgrade survivors and manage limited resources. And don’t forget to bring the same survivor to join a local split-screen co-op that can be played throughout the game!

Survival horror is about making players feel threatened. There is nothing more threatening than unpredictability. Outbreak: endless nightmare Take it to the next level by combining semi-procedurally generated dungeon crawlers with retro survival horror games (such as intensive resource management, solving puzzles and eliminating scary monsters). After choosing a survivor, you need to find all available supplies first, and then face the abnormal situation, each abnormal situation will bring you to a terrifying and challenging ethereal realm.

Outbreak: endless nightmare

You never know what you will find in these areas, because puzzles, traps, enemies and equipment are all dynamic, which means you will never experience the same scene again. Sometimes, destiny will benefit you with powerful equipment, and sometimes, when you run for your life, you will be shrouded in crushed enemies and cunning traps. Over time, you will find safe areas where you can recover, manage your inventory, and determine whether you want to deal with anomalies more deeply or restore the security of the hub world. However, if you die because of these anomalies, you will be sent back to the hub world, and you may be missing some of the critical equipment you need urgently.

Outbreak: endless nightmare

Outbreak: endless nightmare Marked a turning point in the series. This title was developed in the past year and a half, and it was built from the ground up based on fan feedback from previous titles. You will find that the motion capture animation in the entire game has been significantly improved, all the next-generation visual effects have been improved, and there is a lot of gameplay throughout the game experience. On Xbox Series X, you can choose to prioritize frame rate or real-time shadows and other graphics to experience the entire nightmare in beautiful 4K. The nightmare has never been so gorgeous, the next-generation Xbox Series X | S hardware is the best choice.

Outbreak: endless nightmare

You can fully control how to watch the Apocalypse-fixed camera, shoulder or first-person view. Outbreak: endless nightmare Marking the first time in the history of the series, it allows you to customize and select your camera preferences.

Outbreak: endless nightmare

If you are keen on the old-fashioned survival horror of the 90s, a fixed camera angle will bring you many surprises. For fans of “00s Survival Horror”, you will be able to use a customizable over-the-shoulder view at home. And, if you want to meet up close and face-to-face, the first-person perspective can make the shooter’s experience come alive. You can change the camera in real time during the game-you can even enter the free-look camera mode to investigate your surroundings and take some beautiful photos!

Outbreak: endless nightmare

In this nightmare, there are more things for you to discover. Six playable characters are upgraded, and each character has its own unique ability. Weapons, ammunition and health all have deep plundering systems with different levels and attributes. Powerful craft options where you can find and combine gunpowder to build new types of ammunition and build new healing items. There are more features, including new games + all the way to +5, because you continue to face greater challenges.

Outbreak: endless nightmare

Survival Horror and Outbreak: endless nightmare. Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S with Smart Delivery support. good luck!

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Outbreak: endless nightmare

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Outbreak: The endless nightmare distorts the survival horror game of the series by adding hooligan game elements. You will need to explore, find supplies, find clues, and fight through each anomaly-each anomaly consists of half-processed instances, the environment and the undead are killing you! After the outbreak: The Chronicles of the Nightmare, you are immediately trapped in the remains of the Arzt Memorial Hospital-the hub is to organize inventory and store cache, improve character personality or just take a breath, before venturing back to the end of the hospital. confusion. In addition to the murderous army of the undead, there are more discoveries in the world-look for publications scattered in the diary to learn more about the epidemic, and finally find a shelter! Don’t think that death can save you-every time you die, you will be trapped in this connection. Outbreak: The endless nightmare focuses on extremely high replayability by providing multiple character options-each option has its own ability, upgrade path, and more! Every time you venture into an abnormal state, it changes and becomes more and more difficult as your abilities increase. You need to carefully consider which weapons, therapeutic supplies and other supplies you will bring. If you are lucky, you may find a storage cache, access to expanded inventory, and a chance to replenish. However, it is entirely up to you to search for consumables in your environment. If you run out…your destiny will be sealed!