Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Explains how Valve modified Steam Deck’s Elden Ring

Elden Ring had a lot of issues on the PC, but the Steam Deck version worked smoother, and Valve’s Pierre-Loup Griffais shared how they fixed the gaming issue on the handheld gaming PC. doing.

At launch, one of the biggest issues encountered by those who chose to play Elden Ring on their PC was related to frame rate and stutter.As reported by Eurogamer, The “behavior theory” was “I was watching yet another PC game suffering from shader compilation issues. It pauses for a moment every time a new visual effect appears.”

This is a much bigger problem that needs to be resolved on a PC, as the range of hardware specifications for the system is clearly much larger than can be seen on the console. Using this same thought process, Steam Deck “has an advantage because it’s fixed hardware like a console.”

“On the Linux / Proton side, we have a very broad shader precache system where multiple levels of source and binary cache representations are pre-seeded and shared among users,” Griffais said. “The deck takes this to the next level. It has its own GPU / driver combination to target, and most of the shaders running locally are actually pre-loaded on the server in the infrastructure. If you try to publish a shader compilation via the graphics API of your choice, it will usually be skipped because it will find the precompiled cache entry on disk.

“Shader pipeline-driven stutters aren’t much of the big problem I’ve seen in that game. A recent highlight is related to games that create thousands of resources, such as command buffers, in specific locations. Memory I was trying to overdrive the manager to handle it, but now I’m more aggressively caching such allocations.

“I can’t comment on whether this is a problem the game will experience on other platforms, but with all these elements in place and playing in the deck, the experience is very smooth.”

As shown In a video from Digital Foundry “Use a combination of medium quality presets and strategically enhanced high settings (texture and antialiasing) to lower the shader quality from medium to low (there’s no visual difference), Valve’s The system uses a level 30fps cap and what we have is effectively a 720p rendition of the PlayStation 4 version of Elden Ring. “

Another benefit of the Steam deck is that “Valve’s 30fps cap offers a much smoother experience because it offers a frame time of 33.3ms, unlike FromSoftware’s internal clock-based solution.”

For more information on Elden Ring performance, see our review on how it works on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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