Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Experience the shadows and sun in the latest Paladin update

In most cases, he is “Shadow”, a terrifying assassin, only vague whispers and rumors know him. He lives at night, controls the darkness, and uses powerful magic to track and ambush his targets. However, Yagorath’s threat is so great that the ninja has also shown herself and joined the power of the field to help her fall. He is the latest playable character “Shadow Watu” Paladin champion!

Vatu is a legendary ninja, known for his deadly accuracy and ruthless efficiency. Although Vatu is closely related to the Thousand Hands Guild, a criminal organization of skilled thieves and assassins, his true loyalty lies in Ska’drin, whose race has always been persecuted and discriminated against. Everything he does is to make the world safer, which means to stop the impending destruction of Yagorat and Huamao at all costs!

Vatu is the latest wing champion to join Paladin And wielding mysterious shadow magic, coupled with his choice of hand weapon kunai. His main method of shooting is to launch three kunai in a cone in front of him, and his alternative firepower allows him to throw a series of sticky bombs that will attach to the terrain and enemies, and in Detonated after a short delay.

Vatu has the strongest ambush ability, allowing him to immediately appear behind the enemy to cause damage, while Vatu can knock back this ability in a short time to teleport to another target. Vatu also has the ability to sprint, which can give resistance when moving quickly in a straight line, allowing him to narrow the gap or get rid of damage. Nightfall is Vatu’s ultimate ability, which will cause the ninja to rush forward before a short charge, causing harm and shocking the unfortunate victims who are in trouble. The longer Vatu takes to charge, the farther he will go.


In addition to Vatu, this update also launches our new Beach Carnival Pass, Celebrate the sun, the beach, and spend time with good friends. Players can unlock Beachside Octavia and Ripjaw Buck as well as more than 20 other rewards, including exclusive sprays, death seals, and alternative versions of each skin!

The Shadows update also introduced for the first time a feature much needed by the community-limited time mode.These provide interesting and unique gameplay Paladin, Such as “Hide and Seek” (Hide and Seek), in which everyone plays Strix, with infinite stealth charge; while Knockaround, Ash and Bomb King stop it by improving the knockback of their skills.The new limited time mode will be open every Friday to Sunday, anyone can play, so players should make sure to keep checking to experience the new gameplay Paladin!


We can’t wait to experience Vatu’s shadow magic and the sunshine of the Beach Bash Event Pass. Shadows updates are now available in the following locations Paladin -download now.

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