Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Exclusive: Magic: The Gathering’s Secret Mystery Crossover Card Reveals

Magic: The Gathering’s Secret Hideaway and Netflix’s Arcane Crossover Technically I’ve seen the last two “hidden” cards, which were released a few weeks ago but haven’t been shown yet, exclusively.

Arcane Secret Lair spans two drops, one with seven reprints of existing card skin changes and one with one basic land card for each, all the TV show itself. I’m using this scene for art. Each drop also contains one hidden card that is not listed in its content. Gromp With the reprinted card drop Summoners lift For Landdrop, a modified version of Spore frog When Command tower, Each.

Magic: The Gathering-All Secret Hideaway x Arcane Cards

Hidden cards aren’t new to Secret Rare, and most drops contain something, but they aren’t necessarily custom cards combined with such drop themes. for example, Stranger Things crossover work Painted earlier this year Hawkins National LaboratoryHowever, other drops may contain irrelevant cards with special art treatment.

Arcane Drops can be pre-ordered in both foil and non-foil versions To Secret Rare Website Until December 23rd. The show itself has recently been successful at IGN. Arcane Season 1 Review Get 10.In addition to that, it also won our award The best anime TV series in 2021 Won the nomination for The best TV show of 2021 Overall.

This is far from the last licensed crossover developer planned by Wizards of the Coast at Magic: The Gathering. The secret hideaways of Street Fighter and Fortnite have already been announced in 2022. I recently also talked to people throughout the Magic community about these crossover initiatives. , And many players have found that they are divided on what it means for the future of the game nearly 30 years ago.