Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Exclusive consideration of combat and progress in imperial mythology

Myth of Empires, a new large-scale multiplayer sandbox game that allows players to command the army and participate in ancient wars, officially participates in Early Access and offers players the opportunity to try out the game once development is complete. .. To celebrate that milestone, we talked with Angela Game’s Leon Meng and Lionel Li to discuss why the game is so special.

Meng is the producer of Myth of Empires and Li is the lead game designer, both explaining everything the game offers, where the first idea came from, how it differs from other sandbox games, and more. I did.

Like most, the myth of the empire began as an idea. Initially, the team set out to create a game that “reflected the war in ancient China.” But they also wanted to create something that would win the competition.

“When we first talked about the project, the original idea was to make a game that reflected the war in ancient China,” Meng said. “But I didn’t want to do the same thing that other projects with similar themes were doing. We did it with different types of gameplay, giving players more freedom and more immersive. I wanted to provide an experience.

“I’m personally a fan of ancient wargames and play a lot of games on this kind of theme. Some of the games currently on the market are purely competitive with a focus on combat. It’s a powerful game. Some are strategy games that emphasize strategy and tactics.

“Our idea is to create a game that allows players to participate in the entire ancient war process, from collecting materials and building camps to combat on the battlefield.”

From that idea, Myth of Empires was born. This is a survival sandbox game featuring a 64 square kilometer map with different environments, animals and six major human NPC factions, both of which can “compet and interact with players”. ..

“This game gives players the opportunity to participate in every part of the war process, from collecting resources to transporting, creating war materials, and building fortresses to help protect these materials,” Men said. I am saying. “In the second half of the game, players will also be able to implement and enact strategic and political policies.”

Angela Game wanted the Myth of Empires to be as accurate as possible to the actual inspiration, so the team will be a real and rewarding experience, whether or not they are familiar with ancient China. I thoroughly researched the historical documents of.

It also features PVE and PVP cross-server mechanisms that appear to “reduce the frustration of traditional sandbox games and allow players of different tastes to choose how to play the game.” The guild system works in conjunction with a “world map with strategic elements that establish long-term sandbox gameplay.”

In Myth of Empire, players must fight for survival by withstanding attacks by animals and bandits and gathering enough resources to start building bases and empires. You can also recruit or capture NPCs to help them with their mission along with horse tame, breeding and breeding. Cultivation of livestock and crops; more.

Speaking of NPCs, they all belong to their own faction. Repeated attacks on certain factions make them much more hostile to you and can even retaliate. If you don’t want to be a bloodthirsty warlord, you can benefit from working with other factions to transport goods between them.

Myth of Empires has a lot to do and Li has shared some tips for players getting started in the world.

“My suggestion is that novice players will gradually get used to the game mechanics of PVE servers and not jump into PVP right away,” Li explained. “Beginners can also complete quests to learn how the game works. If you have any questions, see the ongoing wiki.

“Finally, it’s a good idea to find some friends that players will play with. This will make the game easier and more enjoyable. Of course, if you want to feel free to play for yourself, get your own private server. You can then adjust the parameters and permissions of the game to reduce the difficulty of the game and balance it personally. “

Once players are familiar with Myth of Empires, they can try out 25 different skill trees and over 100 perks. This allows you to specialize your playstyle and expand your gameplay options. You can also improve your skills with in-game actions. For example, if you are attacked, your HP and armor skills will improve. Shooting an arrow will improve your bow skill. Myth of Empires aims to reward players for what they want to do, and their facets are always visible throughout the game.

As you upgrade your army, you will explore the enormous world of the mythical empire. The game world is made up of many counties, each with 16 cities. All players will start on the PVE server, even if everything is connected. When a player reaches a certain level, they can be transferred to the PVP server. This “improves collection efficiency and increases the likelihood of acquiring rare resources.” Players can also switch servers if they need a different playstyle.

To expand your empire, you need to engage in a large-scale war. There are many options when it comes to combat, but Meng has some tips for you to get started.

“The battle was like ancient times,” Meng said. “Catapults and baristas play a major role over long distances before the two sides collide. Caapults are powerful in the plains, but infantry and archers play a major role in complex terrain and walls. To win the battle, you need a clear division of responsibilities and a unified and effective guild command. “

War is more than just winning battles on the battlefield, as alliances are important for gaining power. This is no different in imperial mythology, and alliances and guilds play a major role in determining the difference between victory and defeat. They also shed some light on the back story of the game. This is explained by Meng below.

“The game takes place during a special historic period,” Meng said. “The emperor has lost his authority, and he is primarily a brain. The people under his command are primarily active on their own, but still require his permission for major actions. There is a feudal relationship between the different alliances to restore the political background of the time.

“A guild can only be allied with other guilds by subordination. In this respect, it is similar to the medieval European system. The Duke joins the Kingdom, the Kingdom joins the Empire, but this kind. Alliance is vulnerable. “

The alliance is so important that “the mayor of each server manages the revenue within the server.” In addition, the 16 mayors also need to determine the leader of the province, which “determines who will protect the path to maintain control of the entire region.”

This further enhances the value of the alliance. The more friends you have, the more likely you are to win. However, not everyone can trust it.

“More allies mean that we can fight more wars and control a wider territory at the same time, but if these allies are defeated, the empire will collapse. Takes a lot of time and involves a lot of diplomacy, “Men said.

The Early Access period for Myth of Empires includes about 70% of what is included in the entire game. As the Early Access period continues, Angela Game will introduce “tree-based construction, NPC appearance customization, remodeling tools, new ways to use animals on the battlefield, musical instruments, new architecture and furniture, new armor and weapon skins” and more. Add new features for. , more. “