Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Evolution of your favorite monkey gang: Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Super Monkey Ball

Welcome to the mysterious world of Yo-ho, Banana Mania, and Super Monkey Ball! AiAi and all your favorite monkeys are unfolding for a new adventure Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania — Now on sale on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S!

Banana mania Collect the best of Super Monkey Ball from 20 years by remastering the original 3 games (Super monkey ball, Super Monkey Ball 2, When Super monkey ball Deluxe) One ultimate edition.We will also introduce a lot of new content from new playable characters like Beat from Jet set radio Kazuma Kiryu Yakuza, New modes such as Golden Banana and Dark Banana, New support features such as Helper Mode (for when you are absolutely) Dead Clear EXAM-C! ).

Most importantly, the world of Super Monkey Ball has been colorfully rejuvenated with the addition of vibrant new textures, environments, decorations and more. The original monkey gang has come a long way since it first made its debut in an arcade (such as a banana joystick) 20 years ago …

The new look of AiAi has been steadily evolving since its first appearance in the arcade (2001s). Monkey ball) And Xbox (2005s) Super Monkey Ball Deluxe). The adorable leader of the monkey gang has always sported his trademark orange “A” tee, but his stylish hair plunge has transformed once or twice.his Banana mania The models are even more colorful and expressive, full of fun animations when you go on an adventure.

The gang’s fascinating patriarch, Mee Mee, has also seen her appearance evolve over the years.This gentle soul first adorned her favorite polka-dotted dress 10 years ago (2011s). Super Monkey Ball 3DHowever, she has never lost her love for picking fresh flowers:

MeeMee evolution image

The most radical evolution must be everyone’s favorite genius baby! Monkey Ball folklore masters may recall the origin of this adorable young monkey as a time traveler from the future who returned to help his parents thwart Dr. Bad Boon’s evil plans in the 2002s. Super Monkey Ball 2!!The first high-tech visor he got in the 2010s Super Monkey Ball Step and Roll Nods to his sci-fi “past” (although he has never broke up with a credible pacifier, also known as Tantram Souser).

Image of baby evolution

And don’t forget, Gongon, a monkey tied to a muscle with a golden heart. This powerful gorilla has also experienced several iterations throughout his adventures on Jungle Island:

GonGon Evolution Image

I’m also absolutely excited to debut the latest look of the gang on the launch trailer. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania!! Sega has partnered with Powerhouse Animation to bring the gang to life with stunning hand-painted 2D animations. The animated launch trailer also includes an original track with hyperpotions. See if you can animately catch all the Sega Easter eggs hidden in the gang’s first appearance!

surely Follow the official Super Monkey Ball social channel A story behind the concept art and how AiAi and the gang realized it in an animated format.

If you’re interested in behind-the-scenes art from the entire history of SMB, check out the limited edition physics release. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania!! 20NS The Game Anniversary Physical Edition comes with a 40-page art book featuring the art of all the games in the series directly from the Sega Archives. It also includes a collectable sleeve, a reversible cover and 10 exclusive cosmetic items. This was our way to celebrate this beloved series with the most passionate fans around the world.

Details of the game and Super Monkey Ball during the Xbox Play streaming session October 8, 2021 8:00 am to 11:00 am PDT, Or you can see VOD From the archive section! Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. See you next time on Jungle Island, a banana enthusiast!

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Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania




$ 39.99

Roll through a mysterious world with AiAi and your friends while competing to prevent the monkey mad scientist Dr. Bad Boon from blasting Jungle Island! Join the All-Star Monkey team of AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon, Baby, YanYan and Doctor to bounce, tilt and roll through hundreds of fun crafted levels and mazes. It’s the monkey’s job for the gang to defeat Dr. Bad Boon and steal your beloved banana! Features: • Ultimate Super Monkey Ball Experience – Over 300 stages of Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2, and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. • Go to bananas in 12 fun mini-games such as Monkey Racing, Monkey Soccer, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Baseball and more. • Challenge your friends as you compete for top bananas on your online leaderboard. • Immerse yourself in the world of Super Monkey Ball with creative comic-style storytelling in story mode. • Want to be the coolest monkey in the block? Customize your character and Super Monkey Ball to make it your own!