Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Everything I learned from FINAL FANTASY 14: Endwalker Preview

FINAL FANTASY 14: Endwalker will conclude the decades-long story that began at the time of launch. In addition to hours of new story content, the next extension, Endwalker, will include several new areas and two new job classes. Healer class sage and proximity DPS reaper.

IGN was given the opportunity to try both new classes, new dungeons, and time to actually experience three of the six new areas coming to Endwalker. This is all I saw during the preview in future extensions.

What’s new in Endwalker

As far as MMORPG extensions are concerned, FINAL FANTASY 14 keeps things relatively simple. Each new chapter adds several new classes, new areas, and big events such as dungeons and raids. This makes FINAL FANTASY 14 one of the easiest MMORPGs to preview, as it doesn’t add a metasystem that changes the game with each expansion.

In addition to two classes and six new areas, including a new hub city called Old Sharlayan, the level cap will be raised from 80 to 90.

It can also cause downscaling in the pipeline. Director Naoki Yoshida of FINAL FANTASY 14 was keen to explain how downscaling is needed to solve some problems, such as bugs due to calculation overflows and very high enemy HP. ..

To resolve this, the gear attributes, overall player HP, damage value, enemy HP and damage have been reduced, and the overall difficulty balance is now relatively the same as before downscaling.

However, the core of FINAL FANTASY 14’s expansion is the story, and Yoshida says Endwalker has the largest “story quest volume” ever. Unfortunately, none of the story content was available during the preview.

Two new classes: sage and reaper

Instead, IGN spent most of its hands-on time building new classes in progress.Yoshida is in the process of developing both the sage class and the reaper class, and the skills shared with us are Not final..

Before diving, I must first mention that my main class in FINAL FANTASY 14 is a dancer who is a remote physical DPS. And I’ve perfected the latest high-end Savage content, but I’m not a theorist like Raid Reader. I am a very good dancer.

This is intended to give an overview of the new class and, if useful, provide insight into whether any of the new classes are friendly to those who are stepping into FINAL FANTASY 14: Endwalker. Offers. If you’re looking for a more detailed preview, we’ve included the toolkits for both new classes below, but reiterate that these aren’t the final specifications for any of these classes.

Sage and Reaper are two newest classes added to FINAL FANTASY 14 with the End Walker extension. Sage is a new barrier healer class and Reaper is a proximity DPS. At the surface level, both classes are quite flashy as they utilize unique and visually stunning weapons and abilities. Sage uses a hovering machine called Nuris that heals and fires a laser, while the reaper can carry a large size and summon a dark familiar.

FINAL FANTASY 14: Endwalker-Reaper Skills and Tooltips

Reaper is a fairly simple class and I think it’s very popular with both veterans and newcomers. The character has two gauges, a soul gauge and a shroud gauge, built using a specific attack. Then use this meter to unleash even more destructive and very cool attacks against those who mistreat you.

In an interview with Mr. Yoshida after the demonstration, he explained that the goal of the reaper class is to have a fast tempo. And instead of waiting for the gauge to fill completely for a burst attack, the player releases the attack when the attack becomes available. “There are certain skills that can be put into it to fill the gauges quickly and circulate them quickly,” explained Yoshida.

Sage classes are a bit tricky and not recommended for beginners. As far as we can tell, the core concept is to take advantage of Sage’s ability to heal or shield party members while attacking at the same time.

FINAL FANTASY 14: Endwalker-Sage Skills and Tooltips

At higher levels, sage can convert damage done to enemies into healing and buffing for party members. This may be welcome news for the more aggressive healers currently playing FINAL FANTASY 14. Not using your abilities effectively through the new dungeon, The Tower of Zott, means you aren’t maximizing damage or healing throughout the party.

FINAL FANTASY 10 years 14

FINAL FANTASY 14 has come a long way since it was first released in 2010. FINAL FANTASY 14: After a rocky launch and soft reboot at Realm Reborn, Yoshida officially announced that FINAL FANTASY 14 has surpassed 24 million players worldwide. According to Yoshida, FINAL FANTASY 14 is the most profitable game in the FINAL FANTASY series and is by no means a small feat.

Despite the decade of development, there are no signs that FINAL FANTASY 14 is slowing down, and Yoshida tells the press that the team is already looking forward to the next decade of the game. By putting together a long story, the FINAL FANTASY 14 team is already exploring new types of experiences, such as patch content called Island Sanctuary, which sounds a lot like Animal Crossing.

Much has been said about the popularity of FINAL FANTASY 14 in recent months, especially as dissatisfaction with its rivals grows. However, Endwalker is becoming an extension from the development team who are confident in the MMORPG’s vision. Check out our last interview with the FINAL FANTASY 14 director and keep an eye out for Endwalker, which will be released on November 23rd.

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