Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Everything announced in the PDXCon mix

PDXCon Remixed is the online version of Paradox Interactive’s annual conference. It keeps social distance from the society, but it does not speak out. In addition to the first big expansion of “Crusaders 3” and the long-awaited “Victoria 3”, we also found new things for prison architects, empires of sin, and even made jokes for “Four Hearts”. This is everything announced at today’s event.

Victoria 3 announced

Victoria 3 was a grand strategic historical simulation conducted in the turbulent century from 1836 to 1936, and it made headlines. You can read my full impression, but in short, it looks very incredible. Simulated one billion people all over the world, this is an era of industrial revolution and political revolution. New systems such as diplomatic exercises and interest groups aim to shift the focus from pure military conquest to areas such as politics and economics. I am a big fan of Paradox, even in the fierce competition, this may be the most exciting moment for my new game in many years.

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Crusader Kings 3 reveals its first major expansion

Medieval Murder Sims (also known as Crusader Kings 3) also underwent its first major expansion with the support of the Royal Court. Now you can double the mechanics and style of RPG, and you can now hold courts in a fully 3D throne room, where you can listen to petitions from princes and subjects, show off the treasures you have won and forged, and use things such as court mentors and Royal gourmet taster. At the same time, it has also made significant improvements to the CK3 cultural system, which will enable you to set foot in the far corners of the world and form the Greece-Bengali mixed society you have dreamed of. Check out my complete impression!

The evil empire is also expanding

“Empire of Sin” (Empire of Sin), which is as jaw-dropping as XCOM, is also being expanded on a large scale for the first time. The “counting” function allows you to increase loan sharking and extortion in your criminal empire through five new gang members and a new historical boss. Meyer Lansky is an economic boss, famous for cooking a few books for the Chicago mob. The nail he chose, called Fixers, is described as Mike Ehrmantraut in Breaking Bad: The person who calls you when you only need to solve the problem should have a certain degree of judgment. It will be released later this year.

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Prison architect will become Nice

Prison architects are also expanding, and this may be the most interesting and popular project to date. Second Chances allows you to finally focus on rehabilitation above punishment, build a prison, and more about getting the criminals’ lives back on track, and ensuring that they will not commit crimes again once they are released. Introducing ex-prisoners for lectures and pet therapy are just a few of the tools you can use to educate, reduce stress, and recover. The second chance will be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 16. It will take longer to switch players, as they will be updated on June 29. Yes, you can pet this dog.

The Soviet Union has everything in the heart of Iron 4

Finally, we quickly praised the next expansion of the World War II game “Heart of Steel 4”. It seems that there is no regress. It seems that the focus is on the Soviet Union. Given that the accompanying content patch has preserved the Soviet Union, this is a little-known secret. It has been called “Barbarossa” by the public for some time. “Operation Barbarossa” was a grand offensive launched by German troops against Russia in 1941, which was doomed to failure in the end. We haven’t got any information about the release date or any game details, but this is welcome news, because the Soviet Union is currently one of the major countries with insufficient blood in HoI4.You can watch the celebrations throughout the weekend, including live multiplayer games and developer panels twitch.