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Every game announced by NetEase Internet in 2021

Partner content NetEaseNetEase is one of the largest developers and publishers in China, and is responsible for games such as Knives Out and Onmyoji. The company recently held the NetEase Connect 2021 event and shared with the world what new game fans expect from the company in 2021, including EVE Echoes, Frostpunk: Rise of the City and Naraka: Bladepoint.

This year, IGN Japan will launch every NetEase game on your mobile phone, PC and tablet, and we have collected the following features of NetEase Connect 2021:

Infinite Lagrange

Infinite Lagrange is a sci-fi space strategy mobile game. Immerse yourself in high-fidelity graphics while building an interstellar space transportation network, forming alliances and traveling between galaxies. Through mining, construction, trade and negotiation, players can accumulate a fleet of spaceships that suit their game style-from piracy to exploring the boundaries of space. The ability to customize and upgrade each ship allows players to create endless combinations and deployment strategies.

Onmyoji: World

Next, we zoom in from outer space to ancient Japan in “Onmyoji: The World”, which is a sequel to the popular Onmyoji.

In this turn-based fantasy strategy game, players play the role of Onmyoji heroes, who roam and fight between the world with Japanese folk spirits and spirits.

Onmyoji: The world supports cross-play between different platforms, no matter which platform you play on, you can ensure a smooth experience.

Frost Punk: The Rise of the City

Frostpunk (Frostpunk): “Rise of City” is located in the steampunk world. The biggest threat is extreme cold. Players will travel through a cold apocalyptic environment and lead humans to leave traces on the earth, where the error is very small, and the continuous and severe invasion. As the leader of the colony, players must rebuild civilization by developing new technologies, exploring frozen tundra, and managing unstable residents.


In Vikinga, the eternal night threatens the land again, because hunger, cold, and death envelop everyone. Will Odin shine him on you? Or is your wit and skill enough?

Relive the life and struggles of the historic Vikings in this casual simulation role-playing game.

Lost light

Lost Light World adheres to the principle of “high risk, high return”. Sneak around the restricted area, looking for supplies, or use guns to plunder them like a warlord. Upgrades and trading are essential to increase your strength to stop the enemy. Whether you choose to be armed or armed with ease-every game is a gamble in your life. Also, don’t forget to cooperate with strangers on the battlefield to increase your chances of survival.

Racing master

Next, Racing Master is a super-realistic racing game sim card developed using Unreal 4 engine and Codemasters’ EGO technology. With dazzling graphics and rumbling sound effects, car enthusiasts can drive and customize actual cars such as: Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini.

Compete with players from all over the world in the real world in real time. This simulation function is designed to correctly correct the smallest details of the car, making it very suitable for reducers.


If you like close combat, you can use NARAKA: BLADEPOINT to send 120 angry fists. This royal battle royale with 60 players has a stable fighter, smooth movements and supernatural movements. Naraka: Bladepoint seamlessly integrates parkour and grappling into its core gameplay, ensuring instant gameplay that is both fast and acrobatic.

In the most recent public test in April, “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT” attracted 140,000 concurrent players on Steam, making it ranked fifth on the concurrent player list.

EVE echo

This mobile spaceship MMO is based on the iconic EVE Online design principles. In “EVE Echoes”, players will pioneer their own path to glory in a huge space sandbox and form alliances with pilots from across the galaxy to shape the game’s lasting universe.

Players can freely engage in interstellar battles, exploration, piracy, resource gathering, industrial manufacturing, trade and other activities across thousands of solar systems. Whether it is the rise and fall of an empire or a change in the balance of power-the entire history of EVE Echoes will be written by the player.

Life after

LifeAfter is an OpenWorld apocalyptic survival game independently developed by one of NetEase’s top studios. After disease wipes out most civilizations, the few remaining people must piece together a kind of survival from whatever they can find to survive the infected who roam the rugged land. This is a gritty dark game that cannot easily reveal its secrets of survival. Players must clear the destroyed scenery and methodically establish shelters that are strong enough to resist the infected or become their own dangers.

Identity V

The first asymmetrical multiplayer mobile horror game, where a hunter and four survivors are in conflict. As a hunter, you will track survivors through a Gothic map. Your ultimate goal? Catch your prey.

On the other hand, you are going to choose one of several different survivors and need to escape and hide beside the hunter while achieving your goal.


This 25-player Royale battle mobile game combines gambling with robbery, shooting and survival. Loot equipment or seize equipment from fallen enemies. Moreover, if you can survive long enough, you and your team will be rewarded generously.

With the in-game economy, every item you receive can be traded, making all your equipment valuable. But remember not to be too greedy, otherwise you risk losing all the risks.

Project: Ragnarok

Project: Ragnarök is a brand-new strategy MMORPG based on the Norse Pantheon myth and Ragnarök knowledge. Whether you like hunting monsters, trading goods and services, socializing with others, or free-form exploration and discovery, Ragnarok will provide players with a verifiable viking atmosphere. The title of the cross-platform game also includes huge PVE raids and PVP and guild systems, unique monster design and pyrotechnic magic effects.

Project: Ragnarök is a free game, and has a complete cross-platform playback function between iOS, Android and PC.

NetEase Connect 2021 only shows the company’s full game lineup, which also includes “Lord of the Rings: Rise of the War”, “Total War”: “Warhammer” and so on.

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