Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Evertried Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

Some games chase after you. There are no setups, no extravagant intros, no fast cutscenes. Evertried is one of those games. Here it plays the role of a cute little undead creature with a sickle that has to climb the “tower”. In this world, lost souls that have not proven worth going to heaven or hell can choose to bravely confront the horrors of the tower for eternal rewards. It’s not easy, but your character is clearly a kind of warrior in life, which gives them a clear edge to tilt their odds in favor.

Gameplay takes place on a 7×7 isometric grid, centered around a combat system that feels like a hybrid of turn-based and live-action. There are several enemies to dispatch on each floor, and they will only move when they move. All you need to do to attack them is to put your character next to them and take a step towards them, but if you don’t plan this well you potentially They run the risk of retaliation. You’ll only get 3 hits in total and it’s hard to recover, so it’s important to plan some moves to get the AI ‚Äč‚Äčagainst itself. As you become more familiar with enemy patterns, you will learn how to manipulate them to trigger traps or prepare for your own attacks.

The live-action part is attached to the focus gauge at the top of the screen. Each time an enemy is attacked (whether you or a trap) or dies, the gauge fills up a little more and level up if you can maximize it. A higher gauge means that a defeated enemy will drop more debris, which will be used as a currency to purchase upgrades and skills at the stores you visit from time to time. However, the problem is that the gauge is slowly but constantly decreasing. This will light a fire to instantly dispatch all enemies so you don’t lose your gauge and potential debris.

In fact, this makes Everdried a fun and engaging experience, some strategies, some puzzle games. The focus gauge doesn’t diminish so quickly that you’ll feel discouraged, but its constant pressure allows you to think faster with your feet and continue to attack while chasing your enemies. When things feel old, new boss battles are thrown every 10 floors, and brand new enemies and traps to fight if you pass the boss. A normal run of Evertried usually takes less than 10-15 minutes. This makes the experience very compact and very easy to try again.

The complaint is that Everdried’s core gameplay can feel a bit out of date after a long session. Skills and traps can confuse your playing style a bit, but in the end you’ll be limited to pushing one of four directions throughout the game, which will be a little the same when given enough time. Still, I recommend this.There’s a lot of playability, and that gameplay concept is something we’ve never seen before, and (most importantly) it’s fun..