Monday, January 17th, 2022

Even if GTA Trilogy is perfect, I would rather shoot balloons to fill the gyroid

Image: Nintendo Life

The wider gaming internet is currently in a terrible disappointing funk due to the availability of GTA The Trilogy-The Definitive Edition, an unfortunately less definitive commemorative package. For Nintendo gamers who have been waiting for years to be able to play all sorts of full 3D Grand Theft Auto, it’s very sad to see these classics arrive at the Switch this way. We’re not talking about small indie developers struggling to find the time, budget, and resources to reach their goals. Rockstar has the resources to build an empire in this franchise and create something special that fits the “Definitive Edition” label. The studio’s release of this collection, an encapsulation of such an important part of its legacy, is confusing in a near-perfect state.

Despite the negativeness (and probably a little) because I thought about immersing myself in GTA over the weekend and watching the game first hand. However, because I had limited time, I used 90 minutes instead of having to go around the Animal Crossing Island with a potter. I was hooked again with the 2.0 update and couldn’t even try Happy Home Paradise DLC, which was released just a week before GTA.

Oddly enough, this coincidental schedule reminded me of 2012 when I was playing the new Animal Crossing New Leaf at the time and had GTA in my brain.Release GTA V Scheduled for the following year, my younger (more) gamer’s brain was bouncing between these two very different video games at the time. The franchise appeared to be on the very opposite side of some spectra.

Contemplating the digital space presented in both, I came to the conclusion that Bel Air (my New Reef village) is infinitely more fun than any GTA city. GTA IV It was the latest entry I played, but the relaxing life of my little Animal Crossing town felt much more appealing.

Bel Air Vinewood
Bel Air Vinewood (Image: Rock Star)

For me, the problem with liberty was not the spread of crime, but the spread of boredom. As technology improved between the PS2 and PS3 generations, even if you were surprised at the size of the rock star sandbox, it felt more empty than ever due to the lack of attractive systems in the ever-expanding environment. .. The same old bucket and spade felt like they were being handed over in a large sandbox, which made me cold. I liked pigeon shooting the most in GTA IV. Brewster did not approve.

For me, the problem with Liberty City was not the spread of crime, but the spread of boredom … I liked pigeon shooting the best in GTA IV.Brewster does not approve

Of course, both series have evolved over time. With more ambition, sophistication, and content than ever before, GTA Online is a whole different beast. However, each core loop is surprisingly close to the previous loops. The lineage of mainline games in both series can be traced back. Animal Crossing wins the battle to get my attention, even if the GTA V switchport is magically here, rather than the unfriendly presentation of the PS2 Classic.

GTA’s vast maps have always been a technical win, but rock stars do other things far beyond scale. Cars are fun to throw, radio stations offer intense songs, and talk shows hit the perfect satirical sweet spot. The old entry chunk shootout, where cars and combat are a big mark for the series of gameplay flesh and potatoes, was tightened with a V for the satisfaction of many, and today tired fetch quests and wacks. Agai mission. Personally, however, the feeling of emptiness persists. NS possibility The GTA space feels negligible, despite its unprecedented scale and freedom of movement.

My little uninhabited island is far less impressive than Los Santos or Liberty. I can run around in a minute and there are only a handful of homes scattered around the place, but it offers incredible versatility. You can pick fruits, plant trees, fish, collect fossils, pick insects, and move to all your homes.

Image: Nintendo Life

Animal Crossing is not tied to a bloated story. There is no real story. There is no end to repayment of your mortgage and filling out Critterpedia. The whole game is just a routine you Arrived at Water the flowers, complete the gyroid collection and call KK Slider every Saturday night. The clear reason you do so becomes ambiguous in the days of it. It begins to reflect your actual family interaction. It’s not just about dropping cards, watering plants, and drinking coffee, just like in real life. You are in touch — check your favorite residents to make sure they are not planning to leave soon.

It’s not just about dropping cards, watering plants, and drinking coffee.You are in touch — check your favorite residents and make sure they don’t plan to leave soon

In 2012, my small village of 3DS cartridges offered more choices, self-expression and meaningful connection opportunities than Rockstar created, and that’s still the case. Every season brings new festivals, accessories, visitors and opportunities. I was able to shoot balloons from the sky, go beachcombing, send letters, buy wallpapers, grow unusual flowers, design clothes, and let Jay tell me. S’up Holmes? When meeting or visiting other towns to exchange fruits or kill at the turnip market. No, Nintendo may not offer multi-faceted interactions with sex workers, nor can it go to Animal Crossing’s strip joints … and don’t think about what it involves — Last year’s innocent search for “Animal Crossing Fan Art” at Safe left us with unhealed wounds, thank you very much..To its honor, GTA is doing a great job of recreating that offensive stuff. err-why-am-I-here The feeling you might experience in such a facility. And it’s cheap.

Nevertheless, GTA’s environmental ambitions have always impressed me and still fascinate me. Not long ago, I wrote about the “moment” when I first saw the morning fog hanging over Lake Hyria. There was a similar epiphanic moment when I drove out of the city of San Andreas on PS2. The game … didn’t stop! The world continued.What i can do Just keep driving I felt incredible. Undoubtedly, at some point I’ll tinker with Switch’s San Andreas and try to regain that memory.

Hmm (Image: Nintendo Life)

And still. The nature of GTA’s ancillary details (like craftsmen “bolted” to the framework rather than being naturally integrated) is artificial, even if Rockstar tries something new. It made me feel like it was a target and not lively. I remember telling my friends seriously that Dr. Schrank’s stand-up comedy would be on GTA IV’s Ricky Gervais turn. You can get hot dogs and beer in GTA, but why can’t you plant or go inside? every day Would you like to build in this magnificent city world?

Technological advances have made it easier in recent years to fill the video gaming environment with attractive systems and details, but like games in the PS3 era. Last of us There was a world full of breathtaking details. Creating a traversable photo-realistic cityscape is now almost an easy part — it’s actually given to AAA studios — but if you just fill it with the same old swings and roundabouts, it’s a playground. There is little point in extending. The ambitions of the feature points must be magnificent as well.

I’m curious about what Rockstar can achieve with GTA, which wasn’t released two generations ago. And aside from the embarrassing launch of GTA Trilogy, I’ll still be back in GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas someday. These titles are highly regarded landmarks in the gaming world, and morbid curiosity will eventually improve me, if nothing else. But I don’t think Tommy, CJ, and the company have what it takes to keep my attention for a long time, as leisure is tight and Animal Crossing offers much more diversity.

It’s not time to shoot balloons, sow crops, and gyroids.