Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Escape to the deep woods in “Wild Heart”


  • Join Wake’s adventure Wild heart!
  • Take part in an unforgettable and wonderful story, a handmade story.
  • Wild heart Now available through Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass for Windows PC.

Each of us has a dream once or once, and escaped from normal life. Escape to discover adventure and excitement!protagonist Wild heart, Wake, does exactly that.

Wake has been collecting supplies to make a “plan”; building a tree house deep in the woods behind his house. However, he quickly turned around, and the exciting new adventure disintegrated in front of him.

Join forces with his friend and neighbor Kirby, and players will follow them into the forest and encounter magical creatures, weird characters, and the sinister darkness lurking in the shadows.

Traveling through woods, caves, coastlines, and discovering most of the knowledge of hundreds of years, various problems can be solved, and there are secrets to reveal the light. Ready to make friends anytime, anywhere; the lovely Spritelings will soon become your companion and can order you to overcome the problems and enemies you encounter. At the same time, unique characters such as waste dumps, trash cans and crow’s nest will help you travel through the deep forest.

Wild heart

Wild heart It is an independent game, with enough effort, you can do many things:

  • explore: An amazing environment full of treasures, dangers, secrets and puzzles will keep you on alert!
  • fighting: Use your Spriteling group and trusted vacuum cleaner Gustbuster to deal with unstable wildlife and supernatural enemies!
  • Collection and production: Collect rare resources such as magic crystals, scraps, electrical components, etc. to build new structures, items and upgrades!
Wild heart

Arouse childhood imagination and escape from realism, Wild heart This game embodies the familiar desire to escape and discover new things. When you join them on their adventure into the deep forest, what will you find?

Join Wake and Kirby Wild heart Starting today, use Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC, and enjoy yourself escaping to Deep Woods!

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Wild heart

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A mysterious and hidden realm. Two precocious children escaped from the predicament. The strange order of lost magical creatures and guardians. A imprisoned Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Welcome to the deep forest. Gather your tribe to collect and deploy a large number of weird elves; little magic creatures for your command. Destroy things, collect loot, fight enemies, build new roads and more! Explore a unique, sealed world full of secular charm. Woods, caves, coastlines, ancient shrines… The deep woods are full of problems that need to be solved, and secrets are waiting to be discovered. Collect and manually collect rare resources, such as magic crystals, scraps, electrical components, etc., to build new structures, items and upgrades! Fight against unstable wildlife and supernatural enemies with the extinguished bee colony and the trusted vacuum cleaner Gustbuster! As night falls, “Darkness is bad!”-A saying among the deep forest dwellers, for good reason. Vicious creatures are lurking in the shadows here, and you may find yourself wanting to stay by the campfire until sunrise.