Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Epic Games is reportedly considering making a Fortnite movie

Epic Games is reportedly considering making Fortnite feature films as part of its plans to expand into a wider range of media.

Report from information It claims that there is already debate about the prospects for Fortnite film adaptation. These talks reportedly formed part of a broader epic conversation about the possibility of “launching an entertainment department focused on scripted video programming” as a way to diversify the studio’s brand.

The report shows that three former Lucasfilm employees have joined Epic Games this year, including Jason McGatlin, the new president of Epic’s special project. He was previously Vice President of Physical Productions at Lucasfilm and Executive Producer of all Star Wars films released by Disney. He was joined by Lynn Balti and Chris Julia.

Epic is said to be considering taking a step into the film and television arena in a legal dispute with Apple and Google. Apple has effectively banned Fortnite from returning to the App Store last month, saying it won’t reinstate Epic’s developer accounts until the court battle is complete. It says Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney could take up to five years.

If you haven’t caught up with the disagreement between Epic and Apple, it started when Epic implemented a direct payment system on Fortnite. That is, the money from the V-bucks purchase went directly to Epic, bypassing the App Store and confirming that Apple didn’t. t cut. Apple responded by removing Fortnite from iOS devices, which Epic sued Apple.

Epic has also filed a similar proceeding against Google over Fortnite being removed from the Play Store. This is because Google’s decision further shattered the company’s ambitions for the mobile market. Epic now seems to be looking for new ways to expand its library of game franchises. More and more game studios are turning to filmmaking to increase their bottom line.

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In recent years, Fortnite has also acted as a virtual platform for hosting movie screenings and music performances, with three Christopher Nolan movies showing for free on the big screen of last year’s Party Royale. Nolan has also collaborated with Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale shooter to debut a new Tenet trailer on the platform for the release of the movie.

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