As the name implies, an epic chef is more than just cooking. You take on the role of Zest in the city of Ambrosia ( Lemon zest, right? Ha! ), Chucked first from the ship when moored at the city pier. After meeting a few locals, he headed for a devastated but very spacious settlement and managed to get a bargain. Of course, the only downside is that it happens to be a ghost.

The quirky yet bloated opening segment of the game is a good indicator of how the rest of the experience will be performed. After spending the first night in his new home, Zest is tasked with growing his produce, building machines, and using his homemade ingredients to make delicious meals.If this sounds familiar to other life sims like Stardew Valley, that’s why teeth, Despite the weakening of agricultural mechanics and the emphasis on social interaction and exploration.

Of course, cooking is the main focus of the game. After growing and harvesting a variety of produce, you can put on a chef’s hat (figuratively speaking). actually Get one and start working on creating your own culinary masterpiece. Thankfully, this is surprisingly easy. Select the selected ingredients and throw them into the pan one at a time. Use “B” to stir with a spoon and use “A” to shake the pan. After all, don’t burn the ingredients. The key to making the best possible diet is to make sure you choose ingredients that create a “synergistic effect” with each other (this is essentially a great way to ensure that the ingredients and taste come together). ..

The game clearly shows which ingredients work well together before being placed in the pan. can Try different types of meals. We recommend that you choose the wisest option and eat safely. This is because most meals are cooked in direct battle with other Ambrosia chefs to satisfy the judge’s taste. In each battle, we’ll show you what the judges happen to enjoy the most. Therefore, in order to win the battle, you need to use the right materials to get the most points.

Except for cooking, most of your time is spent in your home, cutting down trees, collecting resources, cultivating your produce, and generally kicking back to relax. The mechanics of agriculture are taught early in the game and are relatively easy to understand. Similar to Stardew Valley, you can assign the most frequently used items to the shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen, and use the shoulder buttons to scroll to select the desired item. The inventory screen has a clear design, with a grid of items on the left and properties listed on the right.

Sowing seeds and building structures is equally painless. When you select a hoe to dig a plot, the land automatically displays a grid so you can easily locate it. If you run out of space or get too close to the edge of the land, the holes in the plot will glow red. If you are familiar with agricultural sims, you will find all of this instantly recognizable, and this-to some extent-is detrimental to the overall experience.

The main problem with Epic Chef is that it borrows almost all the mechanics from other games, but doesn’t run them well. Everything works fine, but the pace of the game feels bloated.Tasks are easy to perform, but I feel that way Slow.. This is exacerbated by Zest’s seemingly easy-going, refreshing walking pace. This feels like a chore if you need to walk from one end of the map to the other. You can access easy-to-ride animals at a fairly early stage. It definitely speeds things up, but it’s not enough for our tastes.

Similarly, at first he enjoyed the quirky jokes between characters, but some conversational conversations are unnecessarily long to inject pure humor. The writing itself is great, but as you try to complete the task, it can be quite difficult to hear the city guards and fellow chefs chatting over and over again.

Our last complaint comes with the game’s storage system. When I first launched the game and played the opening section, I accessed all the menus and found a way to save. After finding nothing, we stupidly believed that it would be an automatic feature, but it wasn’t. The only way to save the game is to sleep in your home bed. According to the in-game clock, you can’t do this until at least 10 pm. Therefore, you need to make sure you have enough time to go through at least one day before you can save it.


Epic chefs are full of charm and humor, and will definitely bring a smile to your face when you start your life as the hottest chef in Ambrussia. Unfortunately, the mechanics of cooking and farming are easy to understand, but the bloated nature of the game makes every task unnecessarily difficult. Adding to this an unnecessarily long dialogue and weird restrictions on the save feature, Epic Chef feels like a game that can’t exactly match the other life sims available on Switch. It’s not fun, it’s just more Little Chef than Master Chef.