Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

“Emergency Meeting” live stream among us reveals new roles, cosmetics, and in-app purchases

At the five-minute live premiere on November 9, Among Us developer Innersloth released the latest updates to the game to the public.

Cosmicube update!!

Cosmicubes gives you access to a basically unlocked branching system that looks a bit like a skill tree.

“”Cosmicubes: A special cosmetic cube with a theme item that unlocks via a branch path. These items tend to be more special or detailed. You use Beans or Stars to purchase various Cosmic Cube, but the content can only be unlocked by acquiring pods through gameplay. “

This update adds new hats, visors, cosmetics and, most importantly, an in-game store for buying pets, nameplates and more. There are multiple currencies:

  • beans: Achieved by playing the game and can be used to purchase items, bundles and cosmic cubes.
  • Performer: Can be purchased for real money and used to purchase items, bundles and cosmic cubes.
  • Pod: Achieved by playing the game Only in the following cases Cosmicube is active.
  • XP: Win rounds, identify scammers, kill crews, earn and level up by completing tasks. This will give you a multiplier to win beans and pods.
Among us

Achievements have also been added to the game, adding the ability to link accounts. This associates cosmetics, XP, pods, and beans with your account. However, on Nintendo Switch, stars are not currently shared between platforms. At least for now, Stars are only available on Switch. Inners Ross says they are “working on it”!

From disguised shape shifters (which we already knew), scientists, engineers, non-scammers who can use vents to access vitals at any time to check who is dead, and the rest of the crew after they die A guardian angel who can protect the members.

Inersros said in the video “Yeah (we live in a capitalist society)” and preempted the comment “I can’t believe you’re trying to get me to pay”, and the profits are Server costs, team wages, survival, treatment, food, Boba, and even … new games, said they could go for more updates.

Oh, it’s out now. Yay!

Among us

you can Read all about updates on Innersloth’s blog.. Currencies are a bit confusing and there are significant changes in quality of life.

  • Bent actions are no longer attached to the main action button. To vent, press the V key on your keyboard or the right shoulder button on your controller.
  • Sabotage is no longer connected to the main action button. To access the sabotage map, the scammer can open the map using the Tab key on the keyboard or the left trigger on the controller.
  • If you have a special role, the actions for that role are accessed via the F key on your keyboard or the right trigger on your controller. This includes the engineer’s venting ability.
  • Statistics that affect performance are retained on all linked platforms (basically, statistics are linked to player IDs).
  • To trigger an achievement on another platform, you need to take the actual action to unlock that achievement.
    • False Achievement Example to Explain: If you get 50 card swipe achievements on Steam and want to unlock them on iOS, you need to run the card swipe task again on iOS to get the achievements.

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