Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Embr adds “secret hostle” mode to suspicious multiplayer

It’s clear that multiplayer with a false twist has been all the rage ever since. In us The latest game to take off and incorporate the concept Embr.. As a colorful and chaotic co-op title, your goal is to put out the fire and achieve a variety of other goals. And now, a free update titled “Secret Hosr” adds another spin.

At the core of the update are new challenges and larger stages suitable for a team of four, but someone can be “fraud” and a hindrance. There’s a trailer above and an official tagline below.

Released today, Brand new “Secret Hosr” multiplayer mode Put four responders on longer missions, driving more clients and destruction that requires the disposal of dangerous explosives.

But with Secret Hosr, there’s more to it than you can see. For the first time, I will play against one of my teammates. The Hosr Agent is working to infiltrate your mission and undermine your mission. You will have to keep your clients safe, keep your buildings safe, and spread the bombs. If you think you understand who is the disturber in you, use your one-time report to vote for them. But was the bomb explosion really intentional, or was it just a slip of the hand? Was the client murdered or did he accidentally miss the trampoline? Can you find innocent mistakes due to deliberate sabotage?

The update adds new content and modes today.If you conduct If you want to play the mode online, it’s worth teaming up with your friends. After reviewing the game, it was difficult to get an online lobby because the Switch version doesn’t have cross-platform support.

If you plan to try this, let us know in the comments.