Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Reveals First Gameplay-Tokyo Game Show 2021

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising’s first extended gameplay video – Next Eiyuden Chronicle: Eiyuden’s Action RPG Spinoff – has been released.

In a special video presentation from publisher 505 Games at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, Yoshitaka Murayama and Junko Kawano introduced three playable heroes, JB, Isha and Garoo.

JB is an athletic young girl, Isha is a witch, and Garoo is an anthropomorphic kangaroo (shirt with pouch). In the story, the three meet in a village called “New Never,” exploring the ancient ruins recently discovered by the earthquake and diving underground. Heroes want both treasures and those who may be trapped underground.

The gameplay is 2.5D and fast paced, and players are free to swap characters. The trailer shows that when a hero fades in, it fades out seamlessly, causing massive damage to monsters roaming the environment in a chain of attacks. For example, Isha can fire magic bolts at inaccessible enemies and use a giant sword to dive into the air and replace them with Garoo, who shatters them.

There are two boss battles on the trailer. First a huge and ferocious tree, then a large rock statue. Trees attack with roots from the basement and insects descending from their branches, and heroes need to move fast to dodge all the dangers on the screen. Eventually, the worm emerges from the trunk and turns out to be vulnerable to direct attacks. When the three leads team up and actually launch an attack, the battle ends immediately, thanks to all the damage they can do.

Although the trailer focuses on the action side of Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, the developers have outlined the relationship between this title and the main game Eiyuden. At least 7 characters from the game will appear in Rising, and all 3 heroes in Rising will appear in 100 heroes. The story of the two games is undoubtedly intertwined, as many references have been made to “Underwater Conspiracy” in this conversation.

Developers want Rising to appeal to both action game and RPG fans, and Murayama said the spin-off of this Eiyuden Chronicles “closes the gap between the current and the long-awaited 2023 release of the game.” He adds that he wants to do that. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will be released simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox X | S and One, Steam, Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2022.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Eiyuden will also be multi-platform, but Murayama said the team is “investigating” the release of the switch. At the time of the original Kickstarter, the campaign text said that the game could appear in the “next generation Nintendo console.” Both versions of the Eiyuden Chronicle have been confirmed as the first day release of the Xbox Game Pass.

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