Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

eFootball2022 Review in progress

Winning Eleven – a rebrand of Konami’s long-standing pro-evolution football series – could mark a bright new beginning for football games. Move to the more modern Unreal Engine 4, move to a model where you can play the annual fixed-price game for free, promise a significant amount of content addition and a “pay what you need” structure, like a step in the right direction I felt it. Frustration associated with the annual sports game. Instead, it’s hard to think of a more rocky start to life that it might have had. It’s highly recommended to recommend eFootball in its current form, as it’s essentially launched as a demo with very limited modes, stuttering gameplay, a funny crowd model, and some bugs and glitches. It Is difficult. So I don’t. What we can do is hope that Konami will clear the mess with a big promising update.

When you launch eFootball for the first time, things start to look promising. The old menu screen with Konami hanging on it is gone, like the 70’s wallpapers that grandma refused to replace for years. What comes in is a splash of color and a slightly more contemporary feel than ever before. Sadly, the ones in these menus aren’t that exciting.

eFootball has been released in two main modes: offline and online. The former is your standard exhibition match and can be played as nine different teams from Europe and South America. This is a good place to understand eFootball’s gameplay, but it’s instantly appealing due to the limited number of clubs offered and the minimum stakes set for each match. Lose Also, the trouble is that currently only regular AI and superstar AI issues are available and all four other options are grayed out and not selectable. Are these not yet programmed? Strange to say the least, it’s really frustrating to be able to beat regulars comfortably. Handing your butt in the most difficult settings of eFootball is the only other option.

Not surprisingly, I noticed that as a result I was spending more time in online mode. The only way to do matchmaking is to use Challenge Event mode, as there is no way to play against your friends currently offered. This sounds much more exciting than it really is. During all these mundane 10-day celebrations, you’ll have to win one of three games to get to Stage 2. Stage 2 consists of winning two of the three games to win a prize of 10,000 GP. Currently, it’s completely unknown what this in-game currency is actually used for, but there is no way to use it at this time.

One of the big differences between online and offline modes is that over 200 teams can choose when online. This further confuses why offline friends are restricted in their choices. However, there are pitfalls. There are many options available online, but once the first team chooses, they’ll be locked in to the entire 10-day event, so there’s no room to try them. No matter how deep my love for the unlicensed Tottenham WB, my longing for diversity similarity is yet another mysterious decision. Online servers are also an issue, and there is one known issue that currently includes in-game notifications that both matchmaking where no opponent can be found and matches that “cannot end properly” are included. So, even if you start, may you not be able to finish it? For now, it sounds like a metaphor for the entire eFootball.

Some of this may be tolerated if on-pitch action is regularly appealing and basically fun to play. It is not. I don’t feel millions of miles away from the old PES, but it’s far from the peak of its power. Matches often fall into war of attrition, and if they are outside a 6-inch radius, unresponsive players will not be able to pick up the ball. In reality, short-term movements are long and elicited. It’s all very slow. From fast-paced wings that run like wearing 10 ton boots to whipcross attempts that float in the air towards the goalkeeper with gratitude.

Screenshot of eFootball-September 2021

Entering the blue moon reveals a magical moment that reminds you of the joys of the past brought about by Konami’s soccer games. Whether this is an accurate through ball to release the attacker or the player rolls the ball satisfactorily, their feet so as not to break the stride when receiving a pass. However, these are all so rare that they feel more anomalous than intentional greatness.

Not only the players but also the referees cannot distinguish themselves in this regard. What is not considered a foul is very inconsistent from one tackle to the next. I used my elbows to launch a full-scale attack on some poor attackers and was not punished, but as punished as tapping my shoulders to reverse their appearance. In one memorable scrap, we counted at least four fouls that the referee should have blown up when the center circle turned into a lawless bumper car circuit. It doesn’t really make much sense and needs to be dealt with fairly quickly before sucking up the rest of the fun you get from eFootball.

Then there is something that looks like them


Then there is something that looks like them should do it It’s a foul, mostly because people’s arms appear to pop out of the socket, but it’s actually glitch. It’s puzzlingly common to see two players running side by side, fighting for ownership, and seeing only one arm bend like this: Houdini will question the feasibility of.. Another particularly interesting example is the face that some players draw when celebrating. This actually pushes the limits of the width in which the human mouth can be opened incredibly wide. To be honest, these visual glitches pop up more than you think, but they never hurt gameplay. In other words, it doesn’t bother me much. But they have already made some hilarious memes.

From ugly to beautiful (don’t worry, you’ll be back to ugly soon), you can give eFootball credits to the stadium where the action takes place. All of these are beautifully rendered, and never before has the Allianz Arena in Munich, the Allianz Stadium in Turin, or any other unrelated site look so beautiful.

However, the beauty of architecture cannot prepare for the beasts that live in the stands. You’ve probably already seen an unforgettable image of the eFootball crowd, but it’s frankly surprising that such a game in 2021 has such a lack of attention to detail. .. Looking at the terrace, it looks like 50,000 Edvard Munch sketches were brought in. I was told to live in life and jump up and down to the beat of a lonely drum. Press Pause, press the Instant Replay button and see your danger with their eyes.

An unpleasant portrayal of Harry Maguire, surprisingly similar to the bulky Waluigi.


Next is the player model. To be perfectly fair, some look very good, whether it’s all his sculpted glorious Leon Goretzka or the rookie Pedri. However, there are some exceptions. In short, it’s an unpleasant portrayal of Manchester United captain Harry Maguire. Harry Maguire is surprisingly similar to the bulky Waluigi. Perhaps a AAA football game is a fully sponsored team and says it can make all the mistakes of some of the most famous players.

So eFootball is off to a very slow and unimpressive start. You can tell just by the time how much it differs in one month (or six months) of time, but there are already signs of microtransactions. Pre-orders for premium player packs are currently available in the store for just £ 32.99 / $ 39.99. In addition to premium in-game currency, this includes 6 chance deals (effectively loot boxes) for creative team mode that haven’t yet been released. The hope that being free to play may have been a positive move towards becoming consumer-friendly may be wishful thinking. But before analyzing all that, eFootball has a lot of work to do on the pitch to get people to actually want to play first.