Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Echoes of Prophecy unravels the mystery of Neverwinter’s latest Battle Pass campaign

Dark precursors remain on the horizon NeverwinterLatest Battle Pass Campaign, Reverberation of prophecy.. Someone or something has pierced the weave, the source of magic that flows through the world of trills. As the unrecognized face begins to fill the streets of the protector’s Enclave, the noble Shadowdale sage Elminster sends a subpoena to the brave hero of Neverwinter to assist in the investigation. Adventurers need to identify the malicious forces behind the unraveled weaves and help protect the Sword Coast from certain calamities.

Call for weapons

When the first milestone of the three Battle Pass campaign milestones occurs, adventurers of all levels can participate in the Elmin Star weapon call. Weaving tears, Will be released on October 1st.

With each Battle Pass milestone release, you’ll captivate players with compelling stories, unique quest lines, and repeatable challenges. By participating in each milestone, players can earn the currency of the Battle Pass campaign. This currency can be exchanged for attractive reward hosts and will definitely be strengthened. Neverwinter experience!


Milestones and rewards

The first milestone release will begin October 1st at Elmin Star Omar at the Protectors Enclave hub.NS.. The first milestones will be available throughout October, and future Battle Pass campaign milestones will be released automatically over time.

Each release includes its own set of benefits, including:

Milestone I: Weaving tears

  • Neverwinter standard artifacts
  • Jewel of Northern Artifact
  • Never Wintan Hawk

Milestone II: Prophetic retelling

  • Neverwinter Night Companion
  • Corbyn a respected companion

Milestone III: Dragon and influence

  • Barding Never Wintan Lion Mount

Players can earn the currency of the Battle Pass campaign by completing quests from Elmin Star or completing weekly legacy quests. Players of level 5 and above can earn additional currencies by joining the Daily Random Queue. The optional Echoes of Prophecy Battle Pass, available for purchase during the three milestone releases, gives players the opportunity to earn additional items and the coveted Battle Pass milestone rewards they may have missed along the way.

We would appreciate it if you could participate in this limited-time event. This event will set the stage for a fascinating new story that will come to the next world. Neverwinter In the near future. Get your arms ready. See you at Protectors Enclave in October of this year!

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