Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Echo Generation Appears on October 21st with Xbox Game Pass

We are excited to share it just in time for the eerie season Echo generation It will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Windows PCs on October 21st. And it will be available on the Xbox Game Pass on the first day (please drum roll)!

Some of you may remember the supernatural world of Echo generation From the Game Awards Festival demo [email protected] Showcase.Soon you will be perfect Echo generation Experience and we can’t wait for you to know more about the mystery of Mapletown.

Questions from demos such as “Where are the Christmas Illuminations?” “Why are so many trash pandas talking?” Or “What is the story of that mysterious crash?” Answered within a few weeks. increase.

Echo generation

Set in the 90’s Echo generation A heartwarming story about the supernatural, family, and nostalgia that grew up in a small town. There’s a fascinating blend of unique characters inspired by exploration, quests, and some of our favorite adventure games that have grown.

I have a lot to experience Echo generation I wanted to create an old-fashioned way of thinking, Paper MarioA style turn-based combat created with a special Coco Cuba twist. With over 30 unique mini-games and casts of fascinating characters and pets, there are many ways to customize your build to fight dangerous enemies and bosses.

Echo generation

Like the kids Echo generationOur team at Cococucumber has a variety of backgrounds. We wanted to see them appear in the game, so we created a diverse selection of characters for you to choose as a hero. Finally, there is another surprise. Tip: Can you guess who your unrequited love will be?

Echo generation

Echo generation Created during the pandemic, it was a creative outlet for everyone on the team during this time. We look forward to sharing heartwarming and beautiful things with all Xbox fans.

Continue River bond (2019), Echo generation This is the second title of the voxel trilogy. A high-resolution model that captures the charm of this retro art style, a beautiful environment, and character design further promotes a unique 3D pixel look.

Echo generation

Get ready to dive into the supernatural. Echo generation It will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Windows PCs on October 21st with the Xbox Game Pass on the first day.

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Echo generation

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Echo Generation is a turn-based adventure game with a supernatural twist. Strange things are happening in Maple Town. A mysterious crash leads you to an eerie adventure in your hometown. Fight monsters, complete quests, uncover secrets and uncover timeless plots. Become an active turn-based battle battle master and unleash your hidden potential by collecting over 30 comic books, each with its own mini-games, skills and stat boosts. Gather your party, recruit adorable pet companions for your adventure, and use their professional skill sets to confront your enemies and bosses. Don’t leave your pet at home! The people of Mapletown, who explore and reveal secrets, are always willing to help you as you complete quests and solve mysteries. Some people unlock new passes or hint at one or two secrets. Heartwarming Story Echo Generation, set in the 90’s, has a heartwarming story about a supernatural family and nostalgia that grew up in a small town. Fascinating Voxel Art Style Immerse yourself in the stunning voxel art style of Echo Generation, the second title in the developer’s game “Voxel Trilogy”.