Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

EarthBound style horror RPGOMORI can now be switched at last, skipping 3DS

update: Nintendo revealed that kill I’m coming to Switch in the spring of 2022 during a recent indie world broadcast.

original [Thu 3rd Dec, 2020 13:30 GMT]: If you have good memories, you may remember the indie title with the following name: kill, Funded successfully via Kickstarter How to do It dates back to 2014.

Inspired by EarthBound OMORI, a mix of cute visuals and horror elements, was originally seen on the Nintendo 3DS, but the long development period required the team behind it to shift the platform.

Here are some PRs:

OMORI is a surrealistic psycho-horror RPG Maker game.

Explore HEADSPACE, a whimsical world full of colorful friends and enemies. Navigate through the vibrant and mundane to uncover the forgotten past.

When the time comes, the path you choose will determine your destiny … and perhaps the destiny of others as well.

OMORI will launch this Christmas (December 25th if you’re having a hard time), but only on PC and Steam. The version of Switch has been confirmed by the publisher Playism. 2019, But there is no word about when it will arrive. The plan was always to launch the PC version first and then bring the game to the console.

When we know more, you will know more.