Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

EA says Madden 22 franchise renewal is still happening following rumors of cancellation

Despite rumors that it was disseminated on social media earlier this week, EA plans to release two more franchise mode updates for Madden 22 and reiterates Madden’s support as a live service game.

In a new statement, EA Sports told IGN:

I don’t like to comment on rumors and speculation. However, we are committed to continuing to improve our franchise as part of the ongoing Madden NFL 22 live service. This includes two upcoming franchise updates provided by Madden NFL22. We will inform you about the details of the new year’s update.

Statement follows report from Sports gamer online EA has chosen to cancel the update of Madden 22’s additional franchise mode. Due to the team’s focus, this year’s content roadmap is partly quoted from IGN’s own interview with Madden 22 executive producer Sean Radi, who said it was “a little less ambitious than in the last few years.” Rather than trying to deploy content on the scale of Superstar KO, a reputed arcade mode introduced in Madden 20, some important areas.

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“I will say [the roadmap is] It’s probably a bit less ambitious than in the last few years, as it focuses on some of the core areas of Madden 22 and is also working heavily on Madden 23, “Graddy said at the time. “So I support what I’ve always said over the last few years. We’re a live service and we’ll keep updating the game, but we’re not going to talk about a whole new mode.”

The report has received partial attention because franchise mode is a pain point for some Madden fans. Indeed, the promised roadmap was initially created in response to the #fixmaddenfranchise campaign that spread Twitter in mid-2020. The campaign began following reports that EA had no plans to improve franchise mode that year.

Since then, EA has released new commissioner tools and other improvements, including a major overhaul of the Scouting system. Madden 22 also introduced an extended scenario engine, cutscenes during the season, and a coaching skill tree. Nonetheless, fans continue to point out areas where franchise modes can improve compared to competition, from the relative lack of customization to the myriad of bugs.

EA Sports doesn’t provide any additional details, but at some point next year, additional improvements are still on track. Updates may include improvements to the franchise transfer promised in Madden 22’s original roadmap. Expect more details in 2022.

In the meantime, you can read Madden 22’s review by IGN. This review explains why the series stumbles on the transition to features on the Xbox Series X | S and PS5. Madden 22 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.

Kat Bailey is IGN’s Senior News Editor.