Saturday, June 12th, 2021

EA insists that it will not turn the code manager into “another electronic art studio”


As early as February this year, EA announced that it had acquired British racing expert Codemasters.The value of this transaction is 1.2 billion U.S. dollars and adds such things as Formula 1, dirt, Engineering vehicle with grid To the EA family.

Of course, some fans worry about the future of the company FIFA with battlefield However, according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson (Andrew Wilson), the third-party video game giant has made it clear that its intention is not to “join and take over Codemasters,” but to help it gain an advantage.

The method will be similar to EA and Apex Legend Developer, Respawn Entertainment. This is exactly what Wilson said in a recent interview with MVC:

“Similar to Respawn, our positioning is not to enter and take over Codemasters; our positioning is not to enter and transform Codemasters into another Electronic Arts studio; our positioning is to provide opportunities. The significance of this industry lies in amazing creative talents. . In the inculcation of such amazing creative talents, we see little benefit. However, we do want them to have the opportunity to gain what they have gained by virtue of our position in the industry.”

As Wilson said, code administrators will be granted access to IP and technical “amazing cabinets”:

“At Electronic Arts, we have amazing IP…technical cabinets, cabinets with amazing global marketing breadth, depth and influence, and an amazing network of participants. Therefore, we are thinking about this issue. The way we work with Respawn is more about a set of keys to hand over Codemasters to the cabinet, they can take out what they need from the cabinet, but they can continue to be their identity, because this makes them in the first place Be different.”

Frank Sagnier, CEO of Codemasters, reiterated how “magical” it is to get EA’s support:

“EA has expanded its scale through its strong sales and marketing strength, field service expertise, advanced analysis platform, EA access, EA Play, Origin-EA has brought so much wealth in terms of services… EA has provided all Service, but don’t force us if it’s not appropriate. Therefore, this is indeed a perfect world. That’s why I have confidence in how much EA can bring to Codemasters, and vice versa, because they can listen, and so can we. listen.”

The first game released by EA and Codemasters is coming soon F1 2021 title. What is your opinion on EA’s latest acquisition? Do you think it will provide Codemasters racing experts with the same treatment as Respawn Entertainment? Share your thoughts below.