Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

EA Exec can’t see FIFA drop the loot box even though the law is subject to change

EA executives say FIFA’s approach to monetization in profitable Ultimate Team Mode remains unchanged, despite legislative changes that could classify loot boxes as gambling.

In an interview with EurogamerEA’s Chief Experience Officer, Chris Bruzzo, said how the company would react if the UK, one of FIFA’s main markets, began to classify loot boxes (and therefore FIFA Ultimate Team Packs) as gambling. Was asked.

“The most important thing is that we work with the government,” Bruzzo began. “We are ready. We are already at the table. We are always taking action. We bring more. We are ready.” But Bruzzo Continued to be unable to see the monetized rootbox changing, as it is clearly important in funding to continue developing FIFA games all year round.

After explaining that the evolution of the game has made it impossible for developers to take breaks after the game is released, Bruzzo said: If many people are playing the game in any form in which they can play the game, it is quite large and can generate significant revenue. You need these revenues to continue paying developers. Over time, you can create more value and make your game more enjoyable. No change is seen. I think players are clearly reacting to the fun they are enjoying with the content that is continuously delivered in-game. continue”

Bruzzo doesn’t seem to have a changing need for monetization, but changes in the law in the UK could change the EA. how It is implemented. Gambling regulations require EA to obtain a gambling license in the UK, and as analyst Piers Harding-Rolls to Eurogamer points out, FIFA to prevent people under the age of 18 from accessing paid gambling Adding an age verification system to your content may also be enforced.

The EA has repeatedly stated that FUT packs and loot boxes do not make up gambling, My financial documents (Pages 17 and 18) We point out that changes in the law may affect future business models.That’s not surprising given that the leaked internal documentation shows what EA Sports wants.

When Belgium banned loot boxes, EA only stopped selling premium FIFA point currencies in the region. In other words, FUT packs could only be obtained by crushing them in-game. Given Bruzzo’s comments, I feel that it is unlikely to be the case in the future, but executives did not give any hints as to what the approach is.

Executives have revealed that EA is thinking more about cases where players spend too much on the game and how to fight that behavior. “I think we need to talk about the extremes,” he explained. “I think we need to work on a real solution for those players who find themselves in extreme situations where they lose control of the time they spend.”

The EA itself argues that the system used by FIFA constitutes gambling, but reports from the GambleAware charity report that the loot box and gambling links are “robustly validated” and risky. An individual is offering developers “the benefits of an oversized loot box.”

Eurogamer interview Worth enough Read the whole while exploring many aspects of EA’s monetization strategy.

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