Monday, November 29th, 2021

EA believes NFTs will be a “significant part of the future” of the game

EA’s CEO says he believes NFTs will be an important part of the gaming industry in the future.

so Revenue call This week, EA CEO Andrew Wilson was asked about the company’s attitude towards “play-to-earning” games and NFTs. “I think the play to earn and the conversations with NFTs are still really, really fast,” he said. But he went on to say, “I think it will be an important part of the future of our industry.”

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“As a company, we were leaders in creating digital content with truly collectible value by embedding that content as part of our live services,” he continued. “What we know about collection over time is that collectability is far more valuable to collectors where the collected items are useful, and the games we create and the live services we offer. In the context of, collectable digital content will play a meaningful role in our future. “

He concluded by calling them, “They should expect us to think more innovatively and creatively about it in the future.”

These collections referenced by Wilson can easily include FIFA Ultimate Team, a game mode in which players collect cards from a loot box-style system. However, it’s easy to imagine that it will work throughout the game, such as Apex Legends’ cosmetic NFTs.

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are now the most unregulated entities that are often abused for fraudulent purposes. Great impact on the environment For the energy consumed during electronic mining of currencies. Steam has already banned blockchain games, but Ubisoft is already planning to create blockchain games with play-to-earn capabilities. Responses to in-game NFTs and cryptographic elements vary. This system is popular in some areas of Internet culture, but recent Dead by Daylight NFT experiments haven’t worked for fans.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and entertainment writer.