Monday, November 29th, 2021

Dusk Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

Thanks to God (or the prominent YouTuber) for believing in the “Boomer Shooter” explosion. average explosion. Now that the people who grew up in the original Quake (now available in a very good edition on Switch) are the developers themselves, we’re seeing a big resurgence of old-fashioned style first-person shooters, and we Can’t get enough. Unfortunately, they’re a bit slimmer for old picking at Nintendo, and only Ion Fury’s safe ports and a pretty good Project Warlock support the side. until now.

Yes! New Blood’s brilliant, bloodthirsty dusk, a game that kick-started all of Boomer Shooter, finally hit Switch after a delay of over a year. If you say developers aren’t just sitting, believe us. This is a game refined to n degrees, a port that feels completely native to Switch. It runs at locked 60fps and has no hitching, slowdown or stutter. The level will load in about 2 seconds. And among the things that are rapidly becoming a cliché, it looks spectacular on OLED. This is a port that should be a point of comparison in the future, and is an exemplary effort that frankly embarrasses all half-speed dingy attempts to drag games from other systems into the handheld.

All movements are as elegant as you need.You move fast At dusk, it’s even faster if you repeat the bunny hop style diagonal jump with a dedicated button in the game. Games explicitly designed for the mouse and keyboard will probably struggle with Joy-Con — face it — less than a perfect analog stick. But it’s perfectly tuned. You can tap even small movements within the first level. Not surprisingly, there is also a gyro sight, and the sensitivity can be adjusted to the most attractive and intuitive level. But in reality, it didn’t have to be. The stick controls are so well tuned that the default settings were fine.

The setting, it’s the one that latches. there are many. FOV sliders and multiple accessibility options-display changes, graphics that can be more or less pixelated to simulate the visuals of your favorite software modes … There’s a lot to be thankful here.

Enough to admire the (perfect) port. What is the actual game like? Thankfully, it’s also an ace. We compare it most openly with the original Quake. Its seemingly simple move-and-shoot gameplay is a complex and clever level design that feels like it’s been playtested within an inch of its life. Take advantage of a loud and violent array of weapons to defeat various acolytes of lovecraft monsters over the three episodes of the genocide. Each episode is exponentially more complex, entertaining and vast than last time.

Shooting feels great. This is good because it’s the whole game. Dusk is a properly old school because it seeks to do one thing very well. Yes, there are several platforms for exploration, key hunting, and (superbly hidden) secrets, but in general you’ll be taking advantage of these triggering skills above all else. Difficulty choices range from laughably simple to psychologically tough, but even at the most difficult “Duskmare” level, the game is fair, balanced and skillful to play. Unless you’re playing with your eyes closed (a kind of madness you need to save for AGDQ), you’ll always know what killed you, why and how.

Speed ​​and smooth movement are the game’s priorities over realism and weight, but thanks to the excellent sound design every time you shoot a gun, the world feels like it’s on the verge of collapse. This is literally and figuratively a killer arsenal. You can, of course, open the world by simply attacking with a dual wield shotgun, a hunting rifle, slicing an enemy into a ribbon with a twin sickle, or blowing them into the Smithereens with an explosive rocket. Rocket jump. Perhaps there are two more weapons to play, or there may be a more meaningful distinction between the given weapon and the one you gave. that is What is given is wonderful.

To level all this pain, you need some great monsters. Thankfully, they are also given. In the first episode alone, there are crazy cult players, chainsaw-wielding hillbilly, and alive scarecrows, not to mention toxic rats and goats like Baphomet. Things get a little more military in episode 2 and I don’t want to ruin episode 3. Rest assured that things will go wrong.

We haven’t touched on endless mode with this version of the new Super Mario 64 parody map. Or a top-down take of the main game reminiscent of the pre-order bonus Dusk ’82, a snug and fun giveaway, and the underrated Rock Boshers DX. Frankly, it’s hard to put all the good things about Dusk in one relatively short review.


Dusk is one of the most impressive software, the best Unity port I’ve ever seen, avoiding all the usual performance issues and providing a great gaming experience. We tried to think of meaningful criticisms and denials. Of course, the pad controls aren’t as accurate as the mouse aims, but if the developer adjusts the analog sticks to that precision, it’s annoying them. It’s not as good a game as Quake, but it’s almost nothing.Definitely good Harbor It was better in itself than Quake got. Weapons Weapons are relatively limited — they are all great, but there are no iconic guns here, the usual pistols, shots, assault rifles, explosives, et al.. Ultimately, Dusk is another absolute cracker that turned out to be a phenomenal month for Switch. A real horror show, and the best 9 seconds.