Shiro Games has announced “Dune: Spice Wars”, a “real-time strategy game with 4X elements based on Frank Herbert’s groundbreaking novel Dune.” It will be released in Early Access for PC next year.

Created by the same team behind Northgard and published by Funcom, the game includes several playable factions based on Dune’s house, including political, hiding, and combat options. Of course, your goal is to use the army and spice harvesters to control the spices of Arrakis while avoiding sandworms, sandstorms and enemy forces.

“You can deploy agents to thwart, assassinate, and spy on your enemies,” the press release reads. You can choose a public war. “

Early Access games focus on single player gameplay, with multiplayer mode and story campaign mode added prior to full release. The campaign hasn’t been decided yet, but it’s likely to “allow players to write their own stories based on the characters and factions they play.”

This game was produced with the help of a movie studio legendary. In other words, the look and writing of Dennis Villeneuve’s recent film adaptation should feel like a work.

Publisher Funcom has revealed that this is a separate game from its own open-world survival game and has nothing to do with Dune: Spice Wars.

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