Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Due to incorrect PEGI ratings, Mushihimesama was removed from the European Switch eShop

Update 2: More good news! The game’s publisher, Live Wire, has now confirmed that the game will once again be available on electronic stores in Europe and Australia.

Update: We have got in touch with the PR company that handles Mushihimesama on Switch and got some good news:

The PEGI rating was changed from PEGI 3 to PEGI 7, and was temporarily removed so that the store page can be updated. It is expected to return to the EU Nintendo Switch eShop any day.

ability [Wed 23rd Jun, 2021 14:30 BST]: Last week, we reported on the release of Cave’s critically acclaimed shooting game, MushihimeAfter its debut in Nintendo Direct in Japan, the game was unexpectedly launched on Switch eShop, ready for retro shooting game fans to download and enjoy as soon as the show airs.

Unfortunately, since its launch, the game has disappeared from the European eShop.Its removal is first spot Yesterday’s fans, this means that it can only be used in the region for six days before it can be pulled down; Live Wire, the game’s publisher, has admitted to its disappearance, but did not provide any explanation.

When we see a game mysteriously disappear from the eShop like this, it usually comes down to its age rating. If you want to download the game and give it a try, you may just have to wait patiently-although, for example, if you have a North American or Japanese account, it seems to work normally in other regions.