Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Dubium announced-IGN

Startup game developer Mumo Studio, whose founder has resumes including games such as Black Desert Online and Dead to Rights, will be in 2022 Dubium, a new 5-player social reduction multiplayer game for PC via Steam Early Access. Was announced.

As the studio explains, gameplay should sound familiar to Among Us fans. Pod while trying to identify the only traitor. Players should not relax until they escape. The traitor interferes with the frontier’s efforts at every step in trying to carry out his mission. The traitor must hide his identity and use deception. And a betrayal that takes out the frontiers one by one in order to escape the station without hostility. “

Suspicious screenshot

However, the main obvious difference between Among Us and Dubium is certainly the presentation. While “Among Us” has its own cartoonish look, Dubium aims for a much higher production value, but its visual style is certainly cartoonish.

Gadgets can be upgraded during the match and include Twitch extensions to make Dubium a game for streamers. You can also sign up for future closed beta testing. Official site..

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