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Starting today, December 7th, Pokemon GO will be hosting a new event called “Dragon Spiral Descent”. At this event, Dordigon will be in the game for the first time.

First introduced in the Nintendo DS Pokemon Black and White, Dordigon, the dragon-type Pokemon, arrived as part of the celebration of the ongoing heritage season. The Dragonspiral Descent event will run from today until 8 pm local time on Sunday, December 12th. The teaser is:

success! A part of the mysterious door in the historic site is activated!

The rumbling caused by the movement of the door locking mechanism disturbed the Pokemon living in the cave. And Pokemon GO! Introducing Druddigon, a Pokemon you’ve never seen before. Cave Pokemon Dordigon is known for living within the Dragon Spiral Tower in the Unova region.

Upon further investigation, Professor Willow speculated that many emerging Pokemon are also known to call the Dragon Spiral Tower their home! Professor Willow also said that the unprecedented surge in the emergence of fire, electricity, and ice-type Pokemon could somehow be associated with the legendary Pokemon of the Unova dragon-type, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem. believe!

You can meet Druddigon by completing the new collection challenges added to the game as part of the event. You can also earn 1,000 XP and 3,000 Stardust by doing so.

Druddigon will also appear in a three-star raid that has been shifted as part of the event.

The following Pokemon can be encountered in the raid.

One Star Raid


Three-star raid


5 star raid


Mega Raid

Mega Steelix

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