Image: Square Enix

in the meantime Dragon Quest XII: Flame of Destiny There are no confirmed platforms yet. NS Find out who does the hard work in Unreal Engine 5-based JRPGs.

Japanese studio HexaDrive is involved (Thank you, Push Square), A company that Square Enix fans need to be familiar with – it also helped FINAL FANTASY XV..Nintendo fans may know it best thanks to the company’s involvement The Legend of Zelda Tact HD For Wii U.

It has been confirmed that Orca, a Japanese companion, will help Dragon Quest XII. Orca, who was based in Shinjuku Dragon Quest XI Echo when passing by When Dragon Quest XI Echoes of the Passing-The Definitive Edition..It was also useful for BANDAI NAMCO Ace Combat 7: The sky is unknown..

HexaDrive and Orca are currently promoting a wide range of positions. This suggests that the installment payments for the next Dragon Quest are still a little ahead. Also, neither company is likely to have much say in the direction of the game. I think they are purely involved in the technical foundation.

Do you think Dragon Quest XII is coming to Switch? Given that consoles have been on the market for over four years, that may not be the case. Perhaps it will be released as a successor to Switch?