Monday, September 20th, 2021

Doug Bowser responds to the report on “upgrade switch replacement” (again)

©Nintendo Life

Before this year’s E3, there have been rumors about Nintendo’s launch of new hardware. Bloomberg even released a report on the upgraded alternative model at the end of May-it is said that it will arrive as soon as September.

E3 came and went, even before the live broadcast, Nintendo shot down any jump new Hardware announcements with short messages-clarify how the focus of the show will be entirely on the software announcements.

Now, in an interview with The Washington Post, Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, answers questions about Bloomberg’s story and other reports about Switch’Pro’. Once again, this is about how Nintendo “always pays attention” to new technologies:

“We have been paying attention to technology and how technology enhances the gaming experience. This is not technology for the sake of technology.

“This is the specific way how technology enhances the gaming experience. Then where do you apply this technology? Do you want to apply it to existing hardware or platforms, or do you have to wait for the next platform? Then what is the correct gameplay? Experience? There are many factors that affect it, and this is something we have been paying attention to. “

Doug Bowser actually made a similar comment in an interview with Polygon last December. This is also in response to rumors about the launch of a new model Switch in 2021:

We have been paying attention to technology. As we know, technology is constantly evolving and changing. We have been paying attention to the content that is about to be determined: How does it enhance and improve the gaming experience? Whether it is on the current platform or on the future platform, we have been paying attention to this point. “

In his recent interview with The Washington Post, he even (again) mentioned how the Switch generation redefines the “console life cycle”:

“As we enter the fifth year, Nintendo Switch is indeed redefining what the console life cycle looks like, as well as the vitality and strong content rhythm of the entire life cycle.”

What do you think of all the rumors about Switch Pro? Do you think Nintendo will announce an upgraded model at least before the end of 2021? Leave your thoughts below.