Image: Nintendo

Nintendo recently issued all sorts of statements about Switch Joy-Con’s “drift,” but the latest statement comes from NoA’s Doug Bower. In the same interview with The Verge, he addressed a complaint about Switch Online’s N64 emulation, but Doug was asked about the company’s ongoing battle against Joy-Con drift.

Repeating recent comments about Nintendo’s ongoing improvement efforts based on “Returned Units and How to Wear”, the new OLED model is now available on existing models “Same Update” It reminded everyone that it contained a “stick”.

“After the first five and a half years of the Nintendo Switch, we’ve been observing the gameplay, observing people returning with the unit on, and making continuous improvements overall. Joy, including analog sticks. -Con. This latest version of the Nintendo Switch OLED has the same updated analog sticks that are now available on the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. “

NewAsk the developerIn last month’s discussion, Nintendo explained how Joy-Con improved over time by improving wear resistance and durability. “Wear” is considered “unavoidable”.

“Yes, for example, car tires constantly rub against the ground and rotate, so they wear as the car moves. With the same assumptions, I asked myself how I could improve. [Joy-Con] How can durability, and not only that, both operability and durability coexist? That is what we are working on continuously. “

“”The degree of wear varies depending on the combination of materials and shapes, so we are continuing to improve by investigating which combination is less likely to wear. The Joy-Con controller specifications haven’t changed in the sense that we didn’t add new features such as new buttons, but the Joy-Con controller analog sticks included in the Nintendo Switch – OLED model are the latest version. .. There are all improvements. Needless to say, the same goes for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Joy-Con controllers sold separately, and the analog sticks included in the Nintendo Switch Pro controllers currently shipping. “

Bowser’s latest comments on “drift” continue in numerous proceedings on the issue, and even in consumer advocacy groups calling on Japanese companies on the issue.

Have you recently experienced Joy-Con’s “drift” problem? Do you think Joy-Con’s reliability has improved? Please leave a comment below.