Monday, September 20th, 2021

Double XP weekend, limited time 32v32 mode, and more come to Super Animal Royale

This is a big weekend in Super Animal World!earn Double experience Make faster progress and play limited-time games in Season 0.5 Animal Pass SAW vs Rebellion 32v32 mode First time on Xbox. Both will start today (July 29) at 6 pm PDT and will continue until this Sunday (August 1) at 11:59 pm PDT.

If double XP is not enough to help you complete the animal pass, a new animal pass archive system will be introduced in our next update, allowing you to continue to make progress in the past season. No need for FOMO anymore!

Simply visit the “Archives” when the new update arrives, and you can activate any previous season passes you have to complete them at your own pace. You can always buy the current Animal Pass season with 550 SAW tickets, while the previous seasons can be purchased with 750 SAW tickets once they enter the archive.

SAW vs Rebellion (32v32) limited time mode

This weekend, launch a rebellion as a member of the Super Animal Super Resistance (SASR) or work to stop the rebellion as part of the security forces of the Super Animal World (SAW).

Participate in the game with up to 4 friends and you will be placed on one of two teams of 32 people. You will then take off on one of the two giant eagles, which will bring your team and the enemy team to both sides of the island.

When each team defeats the entire hostile team of 32 animals or captures and holds 3 or more strategic flags on the island, they will win. Flags also provide loot when captured, and health benefits when you get close to them, so they are important targets that need to be prioritized.

So far, the game has two limited-time modes (32v32 and mysterious mode). We will take turns to participate in such special events, and we are developing more modes, so let us know what you want to see next!

Super Animal Royale tonight

I believe many developers will claim the same thing, but I really think we have one of the best communities, so we are always looking for opportunities to put the spotlight on each of you.

The SAR animation series “Super Animal Royale Tonight” aims to do just that, and a new episode will be launched soon, which means it’s time to submit your best game clips! In addition to telling the SAR story synchronized with the changes in the game on the island, the series also showcases the most advanced (highest skill) and most interesting (most interesting and creative) clips from the community.

The editing of this episode will end on August 2nd, and you can download Official SAR Discord server, Or watch previous episodes Tonight Special Administrative Region Season 2 On YouTube.

In addition to editing, this episode will also highlight the top selections of the latest Super Fan can Check out the artwork from previous art competitions here Or in the game on the wall of the Super Modern Art Museum, if you want to submit your work, you can Find more information here and submit your work by August 8.

Finally, if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, be sure to redeem your free copy of SAR Founder’s Edition DLC, provided by Game Pass Perks! The DLC includes 3 exclusive super animal breeds and 10 decorations, and is only available during the game preview.

As always, your feedback helps us keep improving the game, so be sure to share what you want to see in SAR next on Discord, Twitter, Facebook Or the social platform of your choice. See you on the island, super animal!