Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Dota 2 International Tournament 2021 Face-to-face Event Canceled for COVID-19

With the rise in COVID-19 rates in Romania, Valve has decided to cancel the face-to-face event in Dota 2’s The International 2021 tournament and will instead host a digital-only event.

Valve shared the news On the blog If you plan to attend the event directly, make sure that all ticket sales are refunded.

“We have carefully evaluated the continued rise in Covid rates in Romania and the consequent introduction of new regional restrictions in Bucharest,” wrote Valve. “We have decided to refund all ticket sales for The International 2021 to ensure the safety of all players, talents and production staff attending the event.

“I didn’t want anything other than welcoming the fans to live, but I can no longer do it in a way that prioritizes the health and well-being of both the audience and the participants. I bought a ticket. A full refund will be automatically given to the person.

“International 2021 will start on schedule on October 7th. We look forward to bringing the world’s best Dota team to stage and sharing our experience online with millions of fans around the world.”

As reported by Reuters, These new restrictions came into force in Romania following a new COVID-19 infection that reached 12,032 on Thursday, September 30. Romania also has the second lowest immunization rate in the European Union.

Assuming everything is still there “As planned” The group stage of the International 10-Dota 2 Championship will be held from October 7th to 10th, and the main stage play will start on October 12th. The waiting prize pool. ”

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