Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Don’t starve, and Terraria crosses for Halloween

Beloved indie survival games Don’t Starve and Terrarria trade monsters as part of a Halloween joint crossover.

that’s all twitterThe Terraria account has announced that the two games will swap elements in a video with the caption “A little news, no big deal.” The attached clip shows that Terraria’s Cthulhu eyes are invading the world of Don’t Starve. This has a big impact on the confusion and confusion of Wilson, the main character of the game.

A subsequent reply from Klei, the developer of Don’t Starve, added a video with its own caption. A short teaser clip showed Don’t Starve’s Diacrop trampling a snowstorm-filled terraria landscape. “Oops, I think we mixed something somewhere,” read the accompanying caption. “Well, I’m sure everything will be resolved by next month.”

Both monsters saw a change in aesthetics on the swap, but came across quite well. Cthulhu’s eyes seem to have lost one or two blood vessels, and Diacrops feels a bit more pixel-like around the edges, but overall both monsters are temporary in a new environment and unknown lands. Looks like a stay.

The crossover news came after Terraria developer Re-Logic recently told fans that the work in the game wasn’t completely complete. As discovered by destructoids, The developer posted on Terraria’s Steam page to tell fans that they are currently optimizing the game for their Steam decks. According to the update, the work is “very successful” and should be appreciated by anyone who wants to get it handheld after launch.

Last month, Terraria released a 1.4 Journey’s End update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. This update includes many changes to the game, including master and journey modes, as well as new enemies and additional biomes. Check out IGN’s dedicated Terraria page for the latest game tips, tips, and guides. You may find something to help you dodge Deerclops.

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